Video Sharing – Where to Upload Your Videos

Video marketing is one of the best methods to generate visitors to your web site because it is still a relatively new technology that not many marketers use. This means you have the potential to stay ahead of your competition by achieving high rankings in the search engines. Videos also captivate your visitors attention with moving images, sound and text.

Once you have created your video you want to upload it to video sharing web sites.

Definition of a video sharing web site

This is a web site that enables people to upload and share their videos to the public. Sharing your videos with the public attracts viewers that can then be redirected to your web site to purchase your product, service or subscribe to your ezine.

Where to upload your videos

1. Single uploads

If you want to upload your video clip to individual sites then choose all or several from this top 10 list. You’ll first need to create an account with each web site.

Google Video
Yahoo! Video

2. Multiple uploads

The fastest and easiest way to upload your video to multiple sites at the same time is to create a TubeMogul account. After creating a username and password for each site you can upload your video and it gets sent to all the video sharing web sites with one click. You can even track your results.

Here is a list of web sites they include:

3. Paid option

If you wish to submit videos, podcasts, articles, press releases from one easy location visit:

The benefit of this service is that you’ll generate more traffic when you repurpose your content in other formats. You not only get more incoming links but capture a wider audience.
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