8 Steps To Protect Your WordPress Website From Hackers

protect wordpress from hackers

  • Has your WordPress website ever been hacked?
  • If so, did you have it backed up?
  • Is your current WordPress website secure from hackers?

Last year while on vacation at the beach my clients’ WordPress sites got hacked. The hackers substituted the home page with an offensive graphic. Nobody wants to receive phone calls or emails from angry clients while on vacation. Fortunately my web hosting provider kept backups of all the sites so I was able to restore them to their original state within a few hours.

The WordPress platform is currently used by 48% of the top blogs in the world. This means it’s becoming an increasingly popular target for hackers. No longer should you ever use WordPress as a content management system without first making it secure.

Here are 8 steps to protect your WordPress Website from hackers
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