My 7 Step Traffic Generation Plan

Have you created a traffic generation for your website or blog?
Have you analyzed your web traffic statistics?
Do you want to generate more sales and/or subscribers?

Traffic generation is the lifeblood of your website. If you receive little or no visitors it won’t become profitable. You’ll probably give up because you’ve lost your passion and motivation. There are 1000s of abandoned websites on the Net. Don’t let yours be the next one to join them.

website statistics 2010

Analyze your statistics

Before creating a traffic generation plan analyze your website statistics. These are usually included in your web hosting plan (ie AW Stats) or from Google Analytics (if you have installed the code). My blog… received a total of 339,260 visits in 2009 (see diagram). In 2010 it received a over half a million (506,516) visits. The number of unique visitors was 220,954 in 2009 and increased to over a quarter of a million (281,647) in 2010. That means the number of unique visitors increased by 60,693 and the number of visits increased by 167,256 over a 1 year period.

My 7 Step Traffic Generation Plan

1. Article marketing

This is a powerful method for generating traffic back to your website. Even though it’s a free method (except for the time it takes to write and submit an article) it requires frequency and consistency. The last 100 days of the previous year I participated in writing 100 articles in 100 days challenge at Ezinearticles…the article directory that currently (as of this date of this post) receives the most traffic. During the challenge I submitted one article to the directory each day and rewrote it slightly to add a unique article to my blog. This resulted in a significant boost in blog traffic.

To get a step by step method on how to write and submit articles for generating traffic download a copy of my ebook titled: Article Marketing Strategies

2. Search engine optimization

To get high rankings for your blog posts you first need to do keyword research. Choose long tail keywords (ie receive a low number of visits per month and have low competition). Target a specific keyword phrase for each blog post then include it in the heading, content and anchor text of your post. Make sure you also include the keyword in the title and description meta tags. Repeat this process for every post you write so it will be indexed by the search engines. Some articles may immediately receive high rankings especially if many people link to your content.

3. Video Marketing

This is another method to build backlinks, get high rankings and increase web traffic. Convert any written content into video either by reading the content into a video camera or creating a video slide show. Upload the video to multiple video sharing sites using TubeMogul or PixelPipe.

If you want to use inexpensive software to easily convert articles to videos read my Review of Instant Video Articles

4. Guest posts

To gain high search engine rankings for your articles or blog posts you need high quality backlinks. One of the best ways to achieve this is to write a guest post for a popular blog. You’ll be able to include a link back to your blog at the end of your article. You’ll not only get new visitors from people reading your guest post but also receive a high quality incoming link.

5. Write 3 blog posts per week

To receive a steady stream of traffic you need to post frequently and consistently. Post at least 3 times a week. If you’re unable to make this commitment write the posts ahead of time then schedule them to be published using the schedule feature in WordPress. For instance I schedule my posts to be published Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

6. Comment on related blogs

To build a community of people who consistency read and comment on your blog you need to interact with related blogs in your own niche. Use the Google Blog Search feature by entering your subject in the search box. Don’t just submit a comment like “I like your blog.” It will probably get deleted because it will be viewed as spam. Instead write a paragraph or 2 answering commenters’ questions or providing valuable tips. Make sure you include a link back to your own blog.

7. Social bookmarking

Make it easy to spread your content by installing the sexy bookmarks plugin. When readers finish reading your blog post they can immediately submit the content to social bookmarking sites. One post has the potential to go viral if it contains really good content that readers want to pass on to their friends.

If you make a commitment to implement My 7 Step Traffic Generation Plan for your blog you’ll see an increase in visitors, backlinks, rankings and sales.

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  1. I really enjoyed the resources shared at this site. Thank you.

  2. I am quite dismayed that so much of SEO and traffic generation seems to all focus on the “social network” side of the WWW today. That and that all the major search engines are giving so much weight to backlinks and off-site anchors from blogs and articals.
    This would mean taking time away from “working” and putting it into “playing with” copy for advertisement purposes. Not easy for a 2 man operation trying to focus on wholesale while also knowing that a website is essential in today’s market.
    Your suggestions above would take us days on the computer as we are unable to hire “ANYONE” to do that job, let alone a team of someones. And your saying to do the above at least once a week !?!?So it falls on us to merely do “what we can” rather than “all that should be done” in order to get more traffic to our site.
    Are there any SEO things out there that we can do once and it’s done forever?
    Well, thanks for letting me vent a little. – LOL
    Be well all,

  3. Don,

    Insert different title meta tags containing your most important keywords for every web page. Write a different meta tag description for every page also (because it’s what people read about your page in the search engines that motivates them to visit) then build a few links to your site each day.

  4. Thank You Herman.
    I will surely take care of that on our other 3 pages.
    I think our home/main page is OK – I’ve been tuning it every day lately.
    I think give some titles to out pic file name might help also – need to check them.
    GOD bless,
    T T F N

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