How To Turn Off Ads On YouTube Videos And Stop Annoying Your Viewers

Many YouTubers don’t like ads appearing before their YouTube videos because it annoys their viewers. But here’s the good news..I’m going to show you how to turn off the pre-roll ads that play before your videos.

Here are the steps to turn off the ads
that appear on your YouTube Channel and videos:

Watch the video below…

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  • As you can see on this video I’ve got a pre-roll
    ad that’s playing before my video
  • I need to click “Skip Ad” to view the content

But how do you turn off those ads?

  • Click on your profile icon
  • Click “Creator studio”
  • Click “Channel”
  • Click “Advanced”
  • Under advertisements uncheck the box that says “allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos”
  • Keep in mind that this does not apply to videos that you monetize and your videos that are claimed by a third-party
  • Click “save”
  • Now let’s check the video
  • You can see there is no pre-roll ads that are displayed on the video however as you can see adsense banners still appear at bottom of your video.
  • To disable these AdSense Ads watch this video.

Now your YouTube videos won’t play any pre-roll ads before the content appears. This means your viewers will have a smooth experience.

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