Video Marketing Benefits – Top 10

How many videos have you viewed online in the past year?

Video marketing has come of age on the internet and will increase dramatically over the next few years as technology becomes more advanced. Web capable phones such as the iPhone are becoming very popular therefore it’s time for you to start creating videos to attract more visitors and boost online sales before you fall behind.

Top 10 benefits of video marketing

1. Appeal to a larger audience

Not all your visitors prefer to receive content in text format. Many prefer to only watch a video or read, watch and listen at the same time.

2. Avoid duplicate content penalty

The problem with written content is you have to keep writing new articles to increase backlinks, search engine rankings and draw visitors back to your web site. Creating a video out of an article resolves the duplicate content issue because search engines index them differently.

3. Get more traffic

YouTube currently gets more traffic than Google. By producing lots of videos from your articles you capitalize on this opportunity. You can multiply this traffic by uploading your video to other video sharing sites. ie

Yahoo! Video
Google Video

Read Where to upload your videos

4. Gain top search engine rankings

Currently not many marketers are using videos to get their web site ranked on the first page of the search engine results pages. If you add videos to your marketing mix you can achieve top rankings in your niche.

If you enter “how to drive a car” in the Google search box several of the top search results display videos.

5. Viral marketing

If you create valuable video your visitors love, they’ll share it with there friends on myspace, twitter, facebook, etc. The viral effect of doing this will increase visitors to your web site exponentially.

6. Inexpensive

You can use the software that’s already on your computer to edit, convert and upload videos to video sharing web sites. The only major expense is the video camera however you can just use your digital camera as most include video capture capabilities.

7. Become recognized as an expert

Since there aren’t many web site owners using video to market their web sites, you can easily become recognized as an expert in your field by producing lots of videos.

8. Increase the stickiness of your web site

Most visitors scan the content of a web site spending little time on it unless they find something captivating. Video engages the senses more than text thus keeping them longer on your web site. This helps build long term relationships with your visitors (especially if you make the video personal) which leads to more sales.

9. Branding

Building your brand helps your business to become to “go to” location for information in your field. If you’re the only one in your niche using video marketing it will help brand your business.

10. Build trust

The internet is often seen as an impersonal place where it’s hard to trust anybody as there are online scammers and site owners often don’t provide contact information. A video offers your visitors a very personal touch that helps remove the fear of doing business with you.

Now go ahead and create and upload lots of videos and you’ll see these 10 benefits come into fruition.

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Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
owner and author of Maryland Web Site Design


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