Video Optimization (SEO): 12 Steps For Optimizing YouTube Videos And Gain High Rankings In The Search Engines


What’s the point of creating lots of great videos if they never get seen?

How can you achieve first page rankings on YouTube and/or in Google?

How can you get people to view, like and comment on your videos?

Top marketers often advise “if you want to get traffic then get in front of it.” Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month and 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. If you’re not currently leveraging YouTube to generate traffic to your web pages you’re missing out on a lot of visitors and potential sales.

12 steps for optimizing your videos on YouTube

On-page SEO

This refers to keyword research, optimizing your YouTube channel and how to optimize your video after it has been uploaded.

1. Keyword research

Search engines will index your video based on the keywords you use therefore it’s imperative to research the main keywords associated with your niche. Use Google’s free keyword tool to get a rough idea of all the keyword phrases associated with your main keyword before creating your first video.

For example if you enter “dog training” as your niche into the keyword tool it returns these top 10 related keywords.

dog training schools
dog training collars
dog training classes
dog agility training
dog training collar
gun dog training
dog training aids
dog training books
guide dog training
protection dog training

You could then create a unique video for each keyword phrase giving me a total of 10 videos. If all these videos get first page rankings you would receive a consistent stream of traffic.

2. Optimize your channel

When creating a new YouTube channel include your main keyword in the channel name or brand your channel with your product name.

In the “about” section create an enticing description of your business so visitors will want to subscribe to your channel. Make sure you also include the full URL to your website.

3. Optimize video file name

Instead of uploading your video file named 123.mp4 rename it using your primary keyword phrase ie dog training.mp4. This will help search engines to index your video.

4. Optimize metadata

This information helps YouTube to find and index your video content. It includes the title, description and tags of your video.

Create a captivating title by including your main keyword at the beginning followed by one major benefit. This satisfies both your viewers and the search engines.

Repeat your title at the beginning of your description followed by the full website address (ie where you want to redirect your visitors. Include the full textual content of your video..the longer the better..and make sure it includes your targeted keyword phrases.

Add your main keyword phrase and any related keywords you think people may use to find your video. You can add as many as you like but I typically add 3-10.

5. Upload a video transcript

YouTube enables you to upload a transcript of your video content. Since search engines only index text so this will help rank your videos. Create a .txt file in notepad of your video content them go into your video manager – captions – upload transcript. It will take a few minutes to process. Check if you did it correctly by seeing if the text running along the bottom of your video corresponds to the words you are speaking.

6. Video engagement

Boring videos are not going to attract viewers and motivate them to stay until the end. To solve this problem keep them under 3 minutes, add text, images, music and above all provide high quality content.

7. Use annotations

These help keep viewers watching and interacting with your video content which results in getting more people to subscribe to your channel. Example annotations may include adding subscribe buttons, calls to action within the video, clickable links to your channel or a related video.

8. Create playlists

Playlists help you to organize your video content for your audience. It increases viewing time and the number of videos a person watches on your channel. For example create a playlist for a video series so your visitor will continue watching the other videos in the series instead of leaving.

Watch Video Optimization on YouTube

Off-page SEO

Often the on-page optimization mentioned above is enough to get your video to rank on the first page of YouTube however if you’re in a very competitive niche you may find multiple videoes listed for the same keyword phrase. This means you’ll have to also do some backlinking and social media marketing to outrank competing videos.

9. Get backlinks

These refer to getting links from other sites to link to your video. Start by embedding your video on your own blog then get links from related blogs.

10. Comments, views, likes, subscribers

Every time you upload a new video to YouTube announce it on your social media properties such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and ask your visitors to like, comment and subscribe to your YouTube channel. Also use your Pinterest account to Pin each new video you create.

11. Subscribe to related channels

Search YouTube for channels related to your niche and subscribe to them. Subscribing and commenting on related videos helps build’s backlinks to your own channel and videos.

12. Document sharing sites

Convert your video content to a PDF file and upload it to document sharing sites such as Convert the content to slides and upload them to These are high authority sites that enable you to embed and/or add links to your video within the content resulting in gaining more backlinks.

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