Video Optimization (SEO): 12 Steps For Optimizing YouTube Videos And Gain High Rankings In The Search Engines


What’s the point of creating lots of great videos if they never get seen?

How can you achieve first page rankings on YouTube and/or in Google?

How can you get people to view, like and comment on your videos?

Top marketers often advise “if you want to get traffic then get in front of it.” Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month and 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. If you’re not currently leveraging YouTube to generate traffic to your web pages you’re missing out on a lot of visitors and potential sales.

12 steps for optimizing your videos on YouTube

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How To Use Rel Author for Higher More Visible Search Engine Rankings

In my previous article I talked about How to Get Visitors To Discover Your Great Content In Google Using the Rel=Author Tag and the top 7 benefits of implementing it. One of the greatest benefits of the Rel=Author Tag is that it not only helps your content get ranked in Google’s search engine result pages but it also get’s highlighted because your profile photo is included beside it. This makes your content stand out resulting in attracting more traffic and generating more sales.

Here’s a screenshot of how your content will appear in Google based on a Google Search


How to implement rel=author tag on your website for single authors

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Google Plus Your World and How It Affects You

  • Did you know that Google shows you results based on the location of your computer?
  • Did you know that if you’re logged into Google it will show you Google Plus results?
  • Did you know that the “Search Plus Your World” displays privately shared content together with public content?

Google Plus Your World

Google’s search results have changed dramatically from several years ago. The search results you see may be different that what your client sees because they are using a computer with a different IP address. For instance a search on your main keyword may display your website on the first page of Google however if viewed on a computer at another location it may not appear at all.

With “Google Plus Your World” private and public search results are all mixed together if you are logged into your Google account. For instance when searching on a specific keyword you’re given the option of clicking an the icon on the upper right side of the page to show personalized or public results. This may make it easier for a person to receive content shared from friends and family along with public content but may cause privacy concerns.

Here’s a video on showing the features of “Search Plus Your World”

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Rankings obsession: Top 7 reasons not to obsess over your search engine rankings

You can’t blame website owners for becoming obsessed with their search engine rankings because they have been told high rankings will generate sales. This is partially true but it doesn’t present the whole picture of attracting traffic and converting that traffic into buyers. Even though you may receive first page rankings for a specific keyword it doesn’t mean that ranking converts into a sale.

Top 7 reasons not to obsess over your search engine rankings

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