Web Design Tip – H1 Heading Tag

The HTML header tag is used for the structural mark-up of your web pages. It is the first tag used for the heading of your paragraphs then followed by h2, h3, h4 for the sub-headings.

Benefits and Features of the H1 heading tag

1. Helps readers to easily navigate your web page.

2. Emphasizes the heading on the page that will attract readers attention.

3. It should emulate the words used in your title tags.

4. Should contain your main keywords.

5. Helps search engines determine the relevancy of your site.

6. Describes the purpose of your site.

7. The text is larger than the other header tags

8. Use descriptive text within the heading tag.

What Not to Do With the Heading Tag

1. Don’t position it on top of your CSS Header Image

It should only be used for paragraph headings not for images.

2. Don’t over use it

It should only be used once on a web page

3. Don’t over-stuff keywords in it

Only use one or 2 main keywords in the heading tag content

4. Never use header tags as a substitute for the FONT tag.

Use FONT tags or Cascading Style Sheets to emphasize words on your site.


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