Website Maintenance Tips

Is your website keeping pace with current technologies?
Do you have a maintenance plan?
How often should you update your website?

Mobile Design, Social media, RSS Feeds are just 3 technologies that have become part of running and maintaining a website. Without a mobile friendly design you’re losing many visitors. Without interacting with your visitors through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, a Blog you’re missing out on building a community. Without adding an RSS Feed visitors are unable to receive new content on their RSS Readers.

Do you have a maintenance plan for your website?

A website not frequently updated won’t attract new visitors on a continuous basis. If you want to get visitors to return you need to offer them new content. Search engines will also visit your web pages more often if new content is continually added to them.

If you have a static site containing stand-alone pages that don’t need much maintenance, consider adding a blog in the sub directory of your site. For example a WordPress blog enables you to add an unlimited number of pages from a backend administration panel. It also has an RSS feed built into the software so visitors can receive updates through their RSS Reader.

If you have a content management site (CMS) maintaining it is easy because the content is stored in a database separate from the design. New content can be added by logging into the backend.

A blog should be updated three times a week or minimum once a week. Static sites can be updated by adding new articles, offering an RSS Feed or holding a contest.

An alternative method to a blog is to include a Facebook Fan Page. Since there are millions of people already using Facebook this is a good way to interact with your audience. Many large online retailers are use this method to attract more visitors.

How often should you update your website?

This depends on what you have to say, if you have the time and staff to continually write fresh content. Make a plan to add new content on a regular basis.

For example if you’re starting a new blog, try to add new content every day. If you already have a website or blog try to publish new content at least every 2 weeks so your visitors know what to expect. With product sites include product reviews, articles and testimonials.

If you don’t have the knowledge or the time to write fresh content, hire a ghostwriter or ask visitors to contribute content to your site as a guest writer.

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