What Does Subscribe Mean On YouTube?

I invite people to subscribe to my YouTube channel every time I upload a new video, but what does it mean to subscribe on YouTube?

Here are some questions that I often get asked…
How do I subscribe?
Where can I find the channels that I’ve subscribed to?
Where do I see notifications of new content?
How do I know where people are subscribing from?

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When you subscribe to a channel it means that you’re interested in that content and want to be notified of new uploads from that channel owner.

Here’s how to subscribe to a new YouTube channel from your iPhone.

  • Tap YouTube app.
  • Search for the channel or video you wish to subscribe to.
  • Here is my channel, so if I wish to subscribe to this channel I just tap subscribe.
  • Now if you want to see notifications, tap the bell notification icon.
  • Notifications are off, so I tap it.
  • Tap allow notifications.
  • Now if I go back to the channel, tap bell I’ve got three options.
  • If I tap all, then I receive notifications for all uploads.
  • If I tap personalized I’ll receive notification for some uploads and live streams. This is based on my watch history and how often I watch videos from that channel.
  • None means I don’t receive any notifications from this channel.

    I highly recommend selecting all, so you can receive all notifications from the channel.

How To Subscribe From Watching A Video

  • If I’m watching a video, I can just tap the subscribe button under the video.
  • Tap the bell icon, then I can select all, personalized or none and that’s how you subscribe from the iPhone.

Here are instructions To Subscribe from Android

  • Open the YouTube app or go to m.youtube.com.
  • Sign in to YouTube.
    If you’re on the Home tab : – Below the video whose channel you want to subscribe to, tap the channel icon.
  • Tap Subscribe . If you’re watching a video whose channel you want to subscribe to: Below the video, tap Subscribe

How To View Notifications From Your iPhone

  • Tap the YouTube app.
  • Go down to the bottom of your screen.
  • At the bottom of the screen you’ve got notifications so just tap notifications.
  • Now I can view all the comments for my channel.

If you want to see your notifications on your desktop make sure you’re logged in to YouTube channel. Then go to youtube.com and click on the bell notifications icon and see my latest comments. You can also see more notifications.

You’ll no longer receive email notifications for channels you’ve subscribed to.

  • You’ll still get notified on your mobile phone via the YouTube app, on your desktop via the Chrome browser if you have notifications turned on.
  • If you haven’t turned on notifications for your channel, you can turn these on in notification settings. Click here to learn more about these notification settings.

How To View All Channels You’ve Subscribed To

  • Tap the YouTube app.
  • Tap subscriptions. Now you can see all the channels that you’ve subscribed to.
  • Make sure you’re logged into your YouTube account or Gmail account before you subscribe to another channel.
  • You can also subscribe to a channel by watching one of its videos.

Here’s how to check your subscriptions from you desktop computer

  • Click subscriptions on your left hand column.
    Now you’ll see all the channels you’ve subscribed to.

Here’s How To View ALL Channels You’ve Subscribed To

  • Log in to YouTube channel and go to YouTube studio.
  • Under recent subscribers click see all. I can see their channel, the date they subscribed, subscribe account and action.
  • You can select last 90 days, last 28 days, last seven days or lifetime.
  • Keep in mind this only includes people who have made their subscriptions public.

How To Check YouTube Subscription Sources

Subscription source refers to where people are subscribing from on your YouTube channel.

  • To check your subscriber sources log in to YouTube channel.
  • Click the profile icon.
  • Click on YouTube studio.
  • Click analytics.
  • Click see more.
  • If you click on subscription status, you’ll see that most people viewing my videos are non subscribed. 95.6% of the people viewing my videos are non subscribers.
  • If I click on subscription source, I can see all the pages where my subscribers are coming from. Also shows the total subscribers, the subscribers gained and subscribers lost. As you can see most of my subscribers come from my YouTube watch page. These are subscriptions from the subscribe button on the video watch pages.
  • Secondly is my YouTube channel. These are subscriptions from the subscribe button on my channel page.
  • Thirdly is interactive features. These are subscriptions from interactive features on videos such as end screens, branding watermarks or annotations.
  • Fourthly it’s YouTube search. These are subscriptions from search results based on these queries.
  • Fifth is from external. These are subscriptions from videos or subscribe buttons embedded on websites other than YouTube. If I click on external I can see that most of these come from Google. Smaller number comes from Bing, Yahoo search, Search my way and ask.com. Now you know where most of your subscribers are coming from.

Let me ask you a question, which source on your YouTube channel attracts the most subscribers?

Put your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them and I’m sure others would too.

Here are 7 tips on how to attract more subscribers.

  1. Invite viewers to subscribe in your YouTube video.
    Instead of just telling them to subscribe, give them a strong reason why they should subscribe to your channel.
  2. Research the correct keywords.
    If you find keywords that have a good search volume and low competition, then you have a good chance of ranking for that particular keyword phrase. If you rank on the first page of YouTube, you’ll attract more views and subscribers to YouTube channel.
  3. Add a channel trailer.
    Your channel banner and channel trailer is the first thing people see when they visit your channel homepage. Create a short channel trailer that outlines the benefits of subscribing to YouTube channel.
  4. Add a subscribe watermark to all the videos across your channel.
    The subscribe watermark appears at the bottom right hand corner of each video on your channel.

    Click here to watch my video on how to create a subscribe watermark on YouTube.
  5. Add a subscribe link on your YouTube description.
    Add a subscribe link in the first three lines of your YouTube description so people can see it while they’re watching your video.
  6. Pin a subscribe link to the top of your comments.
    When viewers go to leave a comment under your video, they’ll see the subscribe link and be motivated to subscribe to your channel.
  7. Add a subscribe link to your channel banner.
    You can do this from the about page. Let me show you how it’s done.

    – Make sure you’re logged into YouTube channel.
    – Click customize channel.
    – Click the about link.
    – On your about page, I highly recommend describing what your channel is about so people will be inclined to subscribe to your channel.
    – You can change the description by just hovering over the description and clicking on the pencil icon.
    – When you’re finished, just click done.

How To Add A Subscribe Link To Your YouTube Channel Banner

  • Click the pencil icon,
  • Click add,
  • Place your link title (maximum of 30 characters), and your link URL to the right. I’ve done it already here where I’ve added subscribe to the left. Then I’ve put my special subscribe link to the right.
  • Just keep in mind you can only overlay five custom links on your YouTube channel banner.
  • When you’re finished, just click done.

    Now you can see that there’s five links overlaid on my channel banner. If I hover over the red icon, it says subscribe. If I click on it, I get the pop up subscribe box, which says, “Confirm Channel Subscription’. Are you sure you want to subscribe to Drost video?”

    All the person has to do is click the subscribe link.

How can you make a special YouTube subscribe link so you can add it to my website?

No worries, just watch my next video on how to make a YouTube subscribe link. A pop up subscribe box will appear when a viewer clicks on the link. They’ll immediately be subscribed to your channel.

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