Why Video Marketing: Top 10 Reasons To Add Videos To Your Blog Or Website

why video marketing

Video marketing is hot right now so if you haven’t begun promoting your products or services using videos your competitors will leave you behind. You may say to yourself…”it’s too complicated or I don’t have time to learn this stuff,” however you may want to change your attitude because marketing with videos is one of the most effective promotion tools you can add to your marketing mix.

So why use videos to market your products and services?

Top 10 Reasons To Add Videos To Your Blog Or Website

1. Customer engagement

Videos do a much better job grabbing the attention of your audience than textual content because they engage the visitor through their visual and auditory senses. Instead of just reading boring text they can listen and view a video at the same time.

2. View anywhere at any time

Most people these days grew up watching television, playing video games, going to the movies or watching videos on YouTube so they are very familiar with this medium. Make it easy for visitors to view your videos by placing them on your website and optimizing them for smart phones and tablets.

This enables customers to watch your video from anywhere at any time. Just make sure your website is mobile friendly.

3. Top rankings in the search engines

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and Google owns YouTube? Gaining top rankings in Google for your articles or posts can take many months whereas a video containing the same content may gain a top ranking in Google within a few days or a couple of weeks.

4. Get ranked on the first page of YouTube

If your content doesn’t gain top rankings in Google it may get first page rankings in YouTube or if you’re lucky you’ll receive traffic from both search engines.


If the content benefits the user by showing it visually there is a high probability it will appear on YouTube however if the content is better consumed by reading text it will only appear in Google. So before you create a video ask yourself…”should this content be formatted as text, video or both?”

5. Your competitors aren’t using videos

For many online marketers the thought of creating and marketing videos is too difficult and time consuming. By doing what others don’t want to do (going the extra mile) you capitalize on this great opportunity and develop a new skill that generates additional profits.

6. Ride the hot trend

It’s predicted that online video will surge from this year onwards. Already you see more video sales pages than ones containing long web copy. Trends don’t always last forever (ie Google may change its ranking formula for videos) however why not ride the BIG wave while it lasts.

7. Reach a wider audience

The key to generating a lot of traffic is to go where the people are. Many of your potential customers may prefer to watch and listen to a video rather than read your article. By re-purposing your content into video you reach another segment of your audience that you wouldn’t normally reach with text.

8. Helps sell products

Demonstrating how a product works using video is far more effective than describing it in a long article. When a person shops online they can’t examine the product before purchasing so the next best option is to watch a video about it. Also video sales letters tend to convert better than long web copy.

9. Reduce bounce rates on web pages

“Bounce rate” refers to the amount of time a person spends on your web page. Adding a video to your web page reduces bounce rates because a visitor will spend a minute or 2 watching your video.

10. Inexpensive to produce

Creating high definition videos can easily be created using a Smart Phone or Digital Camera and editing can be done using free software such as Windows Movie Maker for Windows or iMovie for the MAC. You don’t even have to pay for hosting your video when it’s uploaded to YouTube where millions of people can watch it. This is a far less expensive alternative to a Television commercial plus you can reach your target audience.

Now that you understand the top 10 benefits of video marketing, start creating 1-3 minute videos, upload them to YouTube to begin generating traffic and making sales.

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why video marketing

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