YouTube Analytics Explained – Top 10 Factors

Do you want to improve the growth of your YouTube channel?

If you don’t know where your traffic is coming from and how people are interacting with your videos, you won’t know what to improve. YouTube analytics helps you to understand your audience, discover who watches your videos, what they watch, where they come from and more. These insights will help you to interact with your viewers in a smarter way and even help you to reach new audiences.

In the video below I’ll analyze the top 10 factors in YouTube Analytics so you can improve the performance of your videos and your channel.

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1. Channel overview
If you click on Analytics-Overview, then you’ll see the watch time, average view duration, views and estimated revenue of your channel. You’ll also see the likes, dislikes, comments, shares, videos on playlist and subscribers.

The Most important aspect of the channel overview is Top 10 Videos. It also shows your top geographies. Most of mine come from United States. Gender, 80% are male, 21% are female. Under traffic sources, we’ve got YouTube search, external, suggested videos and other. Under Playback locations, we’ve got YouTube watch page, embedded external websites, YouTube channel page.

If you want to drill down deeper, just click on any of the links to one of the top 10 videos. It’ll show similar statistics as ones for your channel.

2. Real time
This shows the amount of traffic that your channel received in the last 48 hours and last 60 minutes, and it does it by individual videos. For one of my most recent videos, it received 300 views in the last 48 hours and 7 views in the last 60 minutes. If you get a lot of views within the last 60 minutes or 48 hours, then your video will be suggested and promoted by YouTube. You can also click on an individual video and it’ll show you the last 48 hours, last 60 minutes, the geography, device type and operating system.

3. Watch time
This is one of the main ranking factors for YouTube videos. So if you get a high watch time for your videos, then they’ll do well overall. This is under watch time reports on YouTube analytics. Here you can see the videos that received the most amount of watch time. Here you can also view the geography, most from United States. You can also check an individual video by putting it into the search box.

For this individual video “How To Monetize YouTube Videos On Your Phone” you see that most people came from United States, secondly from India, then United Kingdom. If we check the subscription status, most people that watched the video will subscribe to the channel and non-subscribers was 39% and I got 44% views from the non-subscribers.

4. Audience attention
This refers to how long people are staying watching your video. You got the average view duration and the average percentage viewed. The videos that are listed here show the videos that have accumulated a great amount of watch time on your channel. If you want to check the most recent video for audience retention, just put it in the search box.

The average view duration is the estimated average minutes watched per view for the selected content, date range, region and other filters. For this video most viewers watch at least 50%, so average percentage viewed is the average percentage video your audience watches per view.

50% of viewers watched it for half the video. Here you have absolute audience retention. This shows how people are viewing it all the way through the video. So it starts off really high, then it dips at the beginning and then slowly decreases as time goes on.

Relative audience retention refers to videos of a similar length but they could be in a different niche. So in this video, it starts off average then actually goes way above average for at least 50% of the video and then it dips down towards the end. So one way to improve that is to maybe put a card or try to have a different ending so that it can stay above 50%.

5. Demographics
As you can see, most people that view my channel are male. 83% 18 to 24 years old, 81% 13 to 17 years old, 80% 25 to 34. However, amongst the females, 27% is 65 plus years, 27% 54 to 64 years and 27% is 45 to 54 years.

6. Traffic sources
Most of the traffic for my channel comes from YouTube search. Secondly, from external sources, this is from websites, apps that embed your videos or link to your videos on YouTube. Thirdly, from suggested videos. These are views from suggestions appearing alongside or after other videos. So if you drill down YouTube search, then it’ll show you the most popular keyword phrases that people use to find their videos on the channel. It’ll also show you the geography.

Let’s view the traffic sources for one of my most recent videos.
So for this video, “How To Monetize Youtube Videos On Your Phone”, most of the traffic came from notifications. Secondly, from direct or unknown, this is traffic from direct URL entry, bookmarks and unidentified apps. Thirdly, from browse features, this is traffic from the homepage/home screen, subscription feed. Most people found the video from the traffic homepage. Fourthly, they came from search. If I click on search, this shows the keywords that were used to find this particular video. So this means I can take some of these keyword phrases and create new videos, especially if this video is doing well. If click on geography, then it’ll show where most of the traffic is coming from also.

7. Devices
You can see that most people are finding my videos from their computer. Secondly, from their mobile phone. Then from the tablet, TV and game console. Most are viewing from the Windows computer, Android device, iOS device the Macintosh.

Interaction reports

8. Subscribers
At the top here for last 28 days I’ve gained 760 subscribers but then I’ve lost 224 subscribers to have a total gain of 506 subscribers for the last 28 days. Out of those subscribers, most came from YouTube watch page. Secondly, they came from the channel. Thirdly, from other, from unspecified sources. Then from YouTube channel. Then from interactive features, such as end screens, branding watermarks and other annotations. From YouTube search, subscription from the search results based on these queries.

Overall, it seems that most people are subscribing to my channel from YouTube watch page. This is probably because YouTube is promoting my videos and suggested and related videos.

9. Cards
This shows the videos that receive the most clicks from the cards used in the videos. So, for instance, this particular video…35 card teaser clicks is the number of times a teaser has been clicked. Over 17% got teaser clicks per card teaser shown is the average teaser clicks per teaser impression. It measures how often viewers click the teaser after seeing it. It got 25 card clicks and 73% were the clicks per card shown. This is the average card clicks per impression. This measures how often viewers click the card after seeing it.

Let’s take a look at the card type…Most clicks came from the actual video. Secondly, from the associated website link. Thirdly, from the playlist links.

10. End screens
This is the call-to-action end screen that you place in the last 20 seconds of your video. The end screen element that receives the most clicks is the best for viewer. We click end screen element type, this confirms it because “best per viewer” received the most end screen element clicks. Secondly, was subscribe; and, thirdly, the play list.

Now you know how to analyze the performance of your videos
using these 10 factors of YouTube analytics.

Keep this important thing in mind.
Select one thing to focus on to improve the growth of your YouTube channel, such as thumbnail design or your video presentation. After you made the change, monitor YouTube analytics to see if it made a difference. For example, has your audience retention improved and your engagement increased? Keep repeating this process so you can see continuous growth of your YouTube channel.

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