YouTube Director App Creates A Polished Business Video Ad For Free Right From Your Cell Phone

Have you avoided creating a video for your business because
you didn’t have the right equipment or didn’t know what to say?

The YouTube Director App allows you to create a polished video ad right from your iPhone…for free(Android option coming soon). After you’ve finished creating the video you can promote it using Adwords For Video.

Here are the 7 steps to create your video ad using
the YouTube Director For Business App

Watch the video below

1. Download the app on your iPhone
Visit the app store on your iPhone then install the app.

2. Choose a template
The app provides a selection of ready-to-go templates that will help introduce your business and show potential customers what you have to offer. See the templates at:

For example you can shoot a testimonial from one of your customers, demonstrate your product or simply give an overview of your business.

3. Shoot the video with your iPhone
Once you begin the app, it will give the exact step-by-step instructions what to do next. If you make a mistake while shooting a specific scene, you can easily retake it.

4. Edit your video
After you’ve finished shooting your video you can easily add text, animations and music to create a polished video ad. You can also redo a scene you’re not happy with.

5. Upload your video to YouTube
Click the publish button on the app to upload the video directly to your YouTube Channel. Set the privacy settings to public if you want it to be viewed by anyone who finds your video online.

6. Promote your video
Set-up a video ads campaign using Adwords for Video.
Click here to view my video course for Mastering Video Ads.

7. Contact an AdWords expert if you need help
If you need help setting up your video ads campaign contact an Adwords Expert. If you don’t want to shoot your own video you can get an onsite YouTube Director to shoot the video for you if you spend $150.00 to advertise on YouTube.

Keep in mind this option is only currently available in select cities such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

Keep in mind the YouTube Director App is currently only available for the iPhone. The Android option will be available soon.

Now you have the ability to use the YouTube Director App to create a
polished video ad right from your iPhone and promote your business.

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YouTube Director App Creates A Polished Business Video For Free

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