YouTube Hacks To Grow Your Channel – Top 12

Are you tired of not seeing the growth that
you expected from your YouTube channel?

Perhaps you’re only getting a small number of views to your video but you expect more. My experience is that YouTube channel growth rate is slow at the beginning but speeds up as time passes.

Here are my Top 12 YouTube Hacks to grow your channel

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1. Organize your channel homepage
More people will subscribe to your channel if you’ve correctly optimized your channel home page. Make sure your channel banner, your channel icon your channel trailer and your about page clearly shows what your content is all about. Organize your playlists into sections so your visitors will want to watch related videos. YouTube rewards channels where people watch more of your videos in succession. This is called session time.

2. Create a series playlist
A series playlist allows you to mark your playlist as an official set of videos that should be watched together. Adding your video to a series playlist allows other videos in your playlist to be featured and recommended. YouTube will use this information to modify how videos will be presented and discovered.

Your video can only be added to one series playlist so make sure you don’t add to another playlist otherwise you won’t be able to save it.

3. Use end screens and annotations to increase engagement
Look at the retention rate of videos in YouTube analytics to see if people stop watching your videos after a certain period of time. If you notice that they are dropping off at the beginning of your video add a card, annotation or graphic to keep them engaged.

3. Remind viewers to subscribe
Ask viewers to subscribe at the beginning and/or end of your video. Also give them a reason to subscribe instead of just telling them to watch more of your videos. End screens will enable you to add your profile picture or logo at the end of your video so you get more people to subscribe.

4. Add a branding watermark
Did you know you can add a small branding icon at the bottom right of all the videos you’ve uploaded to your channel within a few seconds. When someone clicks on this watermark, a subscribe button will pop-up. You have the option to make the watermark appear throughout the video, at the beginning of the video, or even a custom start time. Click the card icon to watch my branding watermark tutorial.

5. Embed a subscribe link
If you add ?sub_confirmation=1 to the end of your channel URL, a subscribe button will pop-up. You can embed this special URL to your blog, to your video description, social media sites, and other properties on the net to get people to subscribe off YouTube.

6. Experiment with creating longer videos to increase watch time
Watch time is one of the main ranking factors on YouTube. So if somebody watches 50% of a 5 minute video it will potentially rank higher than if they just watched 20% of the same video. Therefore look for ways to maintain your viewers’ attention throughout the video to improve watch time.

7. Create a unique tag for your own channel
then use that tag for all the videos that you upload.

When someone watches one of your videos, suggested videos will appear on the right side of the page. This will encourage people to watch more of the videos on your channel which improves watch time.

8. Create your own custom thumbnails
Instead of using the auto-generated thumbnails that YouTube displays next to your videos, create a custom thumbnail that stands out in the search engines. One way to make your thumbnail unique is to include a picture of yourself. Also make sure that the text is large enough so people can easily read it on their mobile phones.

I use software called YouTube Thumbnail Creator
Watch my review of YouTube Thumbnail Creator below…

9. Interact with your audience
Reply to the comments of people who have watched your videos by answering their questions and thanking them. This will encourage them to comment on future videos you upload if you continue to provide valuable content.

10. Consistency
YouTube will send more traffic to your channel if you upload videos on a consistent basis. Try to upload at least one new video every week, the more the better.

11. Repurpose your video content
Besides promoting your videos to social media sites, expand the reach of your audience by converting your videos to other formats.

Here are some 7 examples of what you can do:
* Transcribe your video content and upload your transcript to your blog.
* Extract the audio from your video and convert it into a podcast and share it on podcast directories.
* Convert your content to a PDF file and share it on document sharing sites
* Include your channel URL in your email signature
*Use your content to do a live stream on YouTube or Facebook
* Convert your content into slides and do a powerpoint presentation for a webinar

12. Track the performance of your videos
Visit YouTube Analytics to monitor how the top 10 videos are performing. Specifically observe how long viewers are watching your video. If they are leaving after a few seconds, work on improving the retention rate.

That’s it!
Now you know my Top 12 YouTube Hacks To Grow Your Channel

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