YouTube Keyword Tool Alternative For Finding Buyer Keywords

Do you want people to find your YouTube
videos on YouTube and Google?

If your videos appear on the first page of YouTube and/or Google you’ll receive traffic you don’t have to pay for. Multiple videos have the potential to generate multiple streams of traffic on a continuous basis.

It all begins with targeting the right keywords. YouTube got rid of the YouTube Keyword Tool some time ago, however the Display Planner Tool from Google is a great FREE alternative because it gives you detailed demographics including how much advertisers are willing to pay for each click.

Here’s how to find buyer keywords using the
Display Planner Tool from Google Adwords:

Watch the video below..

  • Go to
  • Click “sign in”
  • Click “tools”
  • Click “Display planner”
  • Click “Search for new targeting ideas using a phrase, website or category”
  • I’m going to put in “dog training”
  • Select your country, language
  • Click “get ad group ideas”
  • Then Click “individual targeting ideas”
  • Click “get individual targeting ideas”
  • Then you want to go to filters
  • Click “none” then click “none” again
  • Check the “video” box
  • Click “save”
  • So you’ve got all your keywords here
  • You’ve got relevance and you’ve got the cost per click
    and you’ve also got “impressions per week”
  • And here also you’ve got all your demographics
  • You can drill down to individual keyword phrases
  • Let’s click on “dog trainings”
  • So for dog trainings we’ve got “weekly network inventory”
    which is about 10 million to 15 million impressions per week
  • We can see that 18-24 is the most popular age
  • And male is 46%, female is 41% and parents 23%
  • Most people are searching on mobile
  • You can see by that one keyword phrase you get weekly
    network inventory of 10-15 million impressions
  • You’re getting the age, the gender, parental status
    and the devices that are being used to search for that phrase
  • You’ll also find how much people are paying..cost per click
  • So we know that “dog trainings” is a good buyer keyword
    because people are willing to pay up to $1.00 per click.

Here are 2 action steps:

1. Create a list of phrases containing multiple keywords.
I’ve discovered long tail phrases are easier to rank for than a single keyword.

2. Create a video for each keyword phrase.
Include your secondary keywords in your description and tags so your
video will also appear in suggested and recommended videos.

That’s it!
Now you know how to use Google’s Display Planner Tool to find buyer keywords people are searching for and rank videos that generate multiple streams of free traffic.

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