YouTube Live Stream App – Top 12 Benefits of Mobile Live Streaming on YouTube

In the video below I discuss the Top 12 benefits of live streaming on YouTube using your YouTube App on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

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1. Grow your channel
YouTube viewers tend to stay longer on live stream videos compared to regular videos which are often called videos-on-demand. Since watch time is one of the main ranking factors on youtube a livestream video will potentially outrank a regular video. This means that your live stream video will generate more views and subscribers to grow your channel.

2. Immediate engagement
Interacting live means you can engage with your viewers in real time. This gives you an opportunity to create a more intimate connection with your viewers because you can answer their questions live.

3. Fast rankings
Livestream videos often rank faster for a specific keyword phrase than regular videos because YouTube is currently promoting live streaming. This means you can target a specific keyword phrase and almost get your video ranked immediately.
More people will watch the replay when they search and find your video on Google and YouTube. This means that your live video will continue to attract views and subscribers on autopilot.

4. Not many YouTubers are able or willing to go live
Currently mobile live streaming is only available to YouTube channels that have 10,000 or more subscribers. YouTube is currently rolling it out to other channels who have less than 10000 subscribers so check your youtube app to see if it’s available. Even so many YouTubers will not jump in because they can’t let go of the fear of going live. This presents a great opportunity for YouTubers that can overcome their fears and go live now.

5. Saves time
A regular video takes a long time to prepare, because you have to write a script, record the video, edit the video and then upload it. You can substantially reduce this preparation by just going live. All you need to do is just tap “Go live” on your YouTube app and start recording. It’s fast and easy to do.

6. No equipment needed
All you need is a mobile phone. A good internet connection, and install the YouTube App. Just push the “Go Live” button on your youtube app, and then point and shoot with your mobile camera.

7. Stream anywhere
Since you can take your phone anywhere, you can stream live from any location. For example you could live stream a conference, an event, or even live stream what is happening right now.

8. Make money
Super Chat enables fans and subscribers to interact with you during your live stream. If they purchase a Super Chat, their comment will be highlighted in the live chat stream. For example a viewer can purchase a live Chat to get their channel reviewed live. They could also get their questions answered.

9. Immediately share on social media
The YouTube app allows you to share your live stream video on social media sites without closing the app. This means you can generate immediate traffic from your live stream.

10. Embed your live stream on your website or blog
Expand your audience by embedding your live stream on your website, blog, or facebook page. To embed a live stream video on your website, make sure that you have an AdSense approved account and it’s linked to your YouTube account.

11. Receive immediate notifications
YouTube has several ways to alert people once you’re ready to go live.
If subscribers have activated the bell notification on their YouTube account, they’ll receive an instant notification when you’re ready to go live. YouTube will also notify your subscribers via email. A red dot will appear next to their email message from YouTube saying something like ”iSiteBuild is live now.” Subscribers will also see the live stream appear in the What to Watch Next section on their youtube channel.

12. Instant analytics
The YouTube Live dashboard will give you instant analytics after your live stream has ended.
You’ll be able to view what traffic you’ve received and if you’ve gained any more subscribers.
When your live stream has ended, your video will be added to the regular videos that have been uploaded to your channel. It will then become available to all youtube viewers based upon your privacy settings.

Let me ask an important question…

Do you intend to go live if Live Stream is available to you on YouTube?
If not, what are your main fears?
Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them.

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