How to Organize Multiple Subscriptions Into Collections on YouTube

Do you subscribe to a lot of different YouTube channels?
Is it difficult to find or organize the channels you’ve subscribed to?

YouTube enables you to organize your channels into different groups or what’s called Collections. This makes it easy to view all the channels you’ve subscribed to from one location.

Here’s how to organize multiple YouTube
subscriptions into collections:

Watch the video below…

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  • Make sure you’re logged in to your YouTube account
  • If you go over to the far left of your YouTube home page you’ll see “my subscriptions” at the top.
  • All your subscriptions are under here
  • You also see a second column
  • You’ve also got manage subscriptions at the bottom of the page
  • So you probably already subscribed to several YouTube channels but if you want to subscribe to more channels you can simply do a keyword search on YouTube or you can go to “Browse Channels”
  • Let’s do a keyword search for “Ted Talks”
  • Click “subscribe” to subscribe to the channel
  • Now you can see the channel has appeared under “Subscriptions”
  • Now click “manage subscriptions”
  • Now I’ve got one collection of Ted Talks under manage subscriptions
  • Options include..actions so I can click a particular channel or video and I can show uploads in feed, updates or unsubscribe from that channel
  • You’ve also got “send me updates so I receive email and mobile updates about your subscribers”
  • You’ve got activity feeds so choose what you wish to appear in your subscriptions activity feed
  • And you’ve got show the “uploads only” plus you’ve got organize most relevant activity or A-Z
  • You can also group together your subscriptions using Collections
  • To do that just click “create new collection”
  • Name your collection so I’m going to call it “Ted Talks”
  • Click on any of these thumbnails (channels) so here’s a Ted Talks
  • Click “save”
  • Now you can see a new collection on the left under subscriptions
  • When you click on the collection you get directed to the page with all the recently uploaded videos from the channels that you’ve selected for your collection.
  • If you want to delete a collection click the cog then click “delete collection”
  • You can also add channels to your collection by clicking “add channels” then click “save”

You’ve just learned how to organize multiple YouTube subscriptions. Now you can create that special collection of skiing videos you can watch in your free time.

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