YouTube Video Remarketing – Top Benefits

Recently I was shopping online for a new computer. Even though I decided not to buy one ads kept popping up on other sites showing the exact same computer I had been looking at.

This is called Remarketing.

Video Remarketing means you can show ads to people who have interacted with your YouTube videos or channel as they use YouTube and browse Display Network videos, websites, and apps. You increase your return on investment (pay less) by reinforcing your message with people who have already seen your videos or channel.

It’s a great way to remind people about your product or service and build deeper relationships with your customers.

So How does Video Remarketing Work?

Watch the video below..

You can show tailored ads to millions of viewers across YouTube and video partner sites, based on their past interactions with your videos or YouTube channel.

Once you’ve linked your YouTube account with your AdWords account you can create remarketing lists. These lists may include…

  • People who watch any of your videos
  • People who take an action (like, dislike, comment, or share)
    on any of your videos
  • People who view your video as a TrueView in-stream video ad
  • People who visit or subscribe to your YouTube channel
  • You can use remarketing lists for new or or existing campaigns

That’s it!
Now you know the top benefits of YouTube Video Remarketing

If you want to learn how to set-up your first Video Remarketing Campaign in Google Adwords, download my Remarketing Cheat Sheet at:

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