5 Steps To Using Video Transcripts to Build Links and Attract Visitors

If you want to attract traffic with YouTube marketing it’s not enough to simply create a video then upload it to YouTube and other video sharing websites. The completion of your video is just the first step. If you want to build links, increase your rankings and attract more visitors you need to create and promote a transcript of your video.

What is a video transcription?

This is a text file embedded in your video. The words appear underneath as the words are spoken in audio. Adding a transcription helps your rankings in Google. For example recently my video was ranked No 1 on YouTube for a specific keyword which resulted in a first place Google ranking below the sponsored results.

Here are the 5 steps for creating a video transcript

Step 1. Transcribe your video

If you’re creating a video of one of your articles then you already have a transcription. If not type out the words you hear on your video. Alternatively outsource the work by getting someone on Fiver to do it for $5.00. It will be well worth it. Make sure you save your transcription as a .txt file.

2. Upload your transcription

  • Login to your YouTube account and go to the video you want to optimize.
  • Click “captions and subtitles.”
  • Click the radio button “Transcript file (*beta*)”
  • Select English as your language
  • Click “Upload file” to browse to the .txt file on your computer and upload it.
  • It will take a few minutes for your file to upload.
  • View your video to check if the text appears under it as the words are spoken

3. Create a blog post from your transcription

Create a blog post from your video content then embed the video within the post. This will help the search engines to index and rank your video. If you don’t yet have a blog create one at blogspot dot com which is owned by Google. Include anchor text within your content that links to your video. For example if the main keyword I want my video to rank for is “video marketing” I would use this as my anchor text (hyperlinked text) and include the keyword in my video file name ie video-marketing.wmv

4. Submit your transcript to EzineArticles

EzineArticles receives millions of visitors each day so submit your transcript to the appropriate category. Include a link to the blog post containing your video so visitors have an opportunity to watch and listen to your content rather than just reading it. It will also boost the backlink power of your blog post and help your video rankings.

5. Submit your transcription to Scibd dot com

Scribd exposes your content to thousands of website owners, ezine publishers and bloggers. You can simply upload your text file or convert it to a PDF before uploading so it’s easier to read.

Instead of just uploading your completed video, use this step-by-step process for using transcripts to build links and attract more visitors.

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