50 YouTube Video Ideas To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Do you you struggle to come up with new
ideas for your YouTube videos?

Have you ever stared at a blank screen wondering what your next video should be about? It would be great if you could afford a team to bounce ideas off each other but you are the one person who is is in charge of your channel.

Not all of us are creative types or have an endless stream of ideas so let me help you reduce your stress and give you 50 ideas for creating future videos on YouTube.

Here are 50 YouTube Video Ideas To Grow Your YouTube Channel

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These are generic ideas you can apply to almost any niche on YouTube, whether it’s dog training, cooking, marketing, beauty or gaming. I’ll use the dog training as my example even though I don’t own a dog. Keep in mind that these ideas are a brain dump of my mind so feel free to add your own ideas in the comments below.

1. Why – Discuss why you’re into dog training
2. Benefits – Summarize the key benefits of training a dog
3. How-to – Create a video tutorial showing how to do something
4. Pros and Cons – What are the pros and cons of training
or not training your dog
5. Pain/Stress Avoidance – Here’s how to avoid the pain
and stress of dog training
6. Question & Answer – Answer questions people ask
on social media, forums & groups
7. Top 7 Tips – Give the top 7 tips to train your dog to stop biting
8. I Love – Explain why you love to train dogs
9. Things to do – here are the top things you must do
or avoid when training your dog
10. Principles – Discuss the main principles to follow when training your dog
11. Traps/Escape – Talk about the traps you should know about when training your dog and how to escape them.
12. Golden Rules – The 4 Golden Rules you must follow when training your dog
13. Product Reviews – Review a product that will make life easier
14. Guides – The ultimate guide for training your dog not to pee
15. FAQs – Make a list of the frequently asked questions in your niche and answer them in a series of videos.
16. Checklists – create a video checklist of all the things
you must do to begin training a dog
17. Trends – Record a video showing the latest trends in your niche
18. Facts/Statistics – What are some of the outstanding facts your target market should know about.
19. Examples – Give examples of dogs who completed professional training
20. Case Studies – Show case one of your success stories
21. Before and after – Illustrate the difference before a dog was trained and how they improved after receiving the training
22. Resources – Convey the resources you used to attain success
23. Tools – Discuss the tools or applications you use
24. Secrets – Reveal the secrets to your success
25. Reasons – Provide the reasons you absolutely need to train your dog
26. Signs – Discuss some of the signs your dog is benefiting from the training
27. Best Ways or Proven ways – List the best or proven ways to train your dog
28. Ideas – ideas to prevent your dog from biting
29. Tips – Top tips to stop your dog from barking
30. Mistakes – Don’t make these mistakes when training your dog
31. Tactics – Top tactics that will make your dog obedient to you
32. Steps – Follow these exact steps to successfully train your dog
33. Most popular – The most popular trick to get your dog to obey
34. Strategies – Top strategies that have kept my dog clean
35. Formulas – Follow these proven formulas to train your dog
36. Hacks – This one hack helped me achieve success
37. Methods – Outline the methods that prevent
your dog from peeing on the carpet
38. Outrageous – What are the most outrageous
ways to successfully train your dog
39. Kick-ass ways – Use these 4 kick-ass ways to train your dog
40. Myths – Debunk the myths associated with dog training
41. What the heck – what the heck is going on with dog training right now?
42. Comparisons – compare 2 different products used in training dogs
43. Creators pick of the month – choose a favorite subscriber, customer or product and explain why they or it was chosen
44. Goals – share your BIG, Hairy audacious goals for this year
45. Lessons – share the main lessons you learned this past week, month or year
46. Subscribers question of the month – select and answer the best question from one of your subscribers or customers
47. Failures – Illustrate the failures you encountered
and how you overcame them.
48. Successes – Point out your major successes and how you got there
49. Turning Point – Discuss the turning point to your success
50. Challenges – Point out the current challenges you’re facing or have faced.

Here Are 4 Bonus Ideas
51. Helpful advice – What helpful advice can you offer to subscribers?
52. Practices – illustrate the best practises of your niche
53. Skills – Show the skills needed to train your dog
54. Beginners – where do you start when you’re a beginner

There you have it..50 YouTube video ideas for one person plus 4 bonus ideas. If you can think of more video ideas please post them in the comments below.

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