Best Time To Upload YouTube Videos

Is the best time to upload YouTube videos early in the morning, late at night, midday, during the week, or weekends?

Ideally, you want to get a high view velocity on your videos when you first upload them, which means you want to get a ton of views right out of the gate.

In the video below, you’ll discover the best day and the best time to upload YouTube videos in 2021 and beyond, so you can get more views.

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When are most of your viewers on YouTube?
Click on the Audience tab in YouTube Analytics, and look at the purple graph. The light purple lines refer to some of your viewers being on YouTube, the darker purple lines refers to many of your viewers are on YouTube, the even darker purple lines say that very many of your viewers are on YouTube.

Let’s first look at the weekdays.
On Monday, the darkest purple line starts right on ten o’clock through to one o’clock. Tuesday, it’s 9:00 to 12:00. Wednesday, from 10:00 to 12:00. Thursday, from 9:00 to 12:00. Friday, from 9:00 to 12:00. During the week, the best times for me to upload my videos is between 9:00 and 12:00.

Let’s take a look at the weekend.
On Saturday, it’s ten o’clock to twelve o’clock. On Sunday, it’s eleven o’clock, a little bit later than Saturday, to twelve o’clock. On the weekends, the best time to upload my videos is between 10:00 and 12:00 on Saturdays, and between 11:00 and 12:00 on Sundays. Let me ask you a question, what time have you found is the best time to upload your video? Post your answer to the comments below, I’d love to read them and I’m sure others would too.

Which countries are most of your audience watching from?
If you scroll down to top geographies, you can see that most of my audience comes from the United States. Then it’s from India, United Kingdom, Philippines, and Canada. If I click, see more, I’ll get even more details. Most of my views come from United States, the highest average view duration from United States, and the highest number of what time hours is from United States. Second is India.

If want to get a more detailed view of which states within the United States have the highest number of viewers, then click on United States. The states where I have the highest number of viewers include California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. According to the purple graph, the best time to upload my videos during the week is around ten o’clock Eastern Standard Time.

Since most viewers are watching my videos on California time, I probably want to upload my videos three hours before Eastern Daylight Time, because I’m situated on the East Coast.

Ideally, you want to upload your videos one to two hours before the peak times to allow YouTube to give time to send out notifications to your viewers. If you live in the United Kingdom, but most of your viewers come from the United States, make sure you choose the best time to upload your videos.

Best Day/Time To Upload YouTube Videos Using TubeBuddy

Tube Buddy is another great tool to get the best recommendations for upload times for your regular videos and live stream videos. If you click on the Tube Buddy icon at the top here, click, best time to publish, under the purple graph says Tube Buddy recommendations, upload time, and live stream time. The upload time, if I click on weekly, it says, based on our analysis, if you were to upload for live streams once per week, this would be the ideal time in order to maximize exposure to your audience.

That would be ten o’clock, Eastern Daylight Time. If I click on daily, it says, based on our analysis, the following hours would be the ideal time to post for each day of the week in order to maximize exposure to your audience. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, ten o’clock is the best time, Wednesday and Thursday nine o’clock is the best time, Friday, ten o’clock is the best time, then Saturday nine o’clock.

The first hour that your video is live is most critical. The next critical hour is your next hour. If I click on live stream time, then Friday ten o’clock, Eastern Daylight Time is the best. That’s as far as uploading only once per week. For daily have got Sunday eleven o’clock, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, ten o’clock and Saturday at eleven o’clock. I’ll place a link to Tube Buddy in the description below this video.

Ultimately, consistency is more important than anything. If you stick to a regular upload schedule like once or twice a week, then your viewers will know when you have new content that’s uploaded to your channel.

Look at these 4 other factors to help you understand your audience.

  • Returning viewers and New viewers
    Returning viewers are viewers who have already watched your channel previously, and return to watch in the selected time period. New viewers are viewers that have discovered your channel for the first time in the selected period. As you can see, my channel is attracting many more new viewers than returning viewers, so I probably want to create more content for my returning viewers.
  • Other channels your audience watches.
    If there’s content from these channels that your audience is watching, that is getting a lot of views and a lot of subscribers, you might want to do the same for your channel. If you get stuck for ideas, it’s always good to look at your competitor’s channels where your audience is hanging out to see which videos are taking off. Perhaps you can approach the topic from a different angle and put your own unique slant to it.
  • Other videos that your audience watched.
    If there’s videos on other people’s channels that are getting a lot of traffic that your audience is watching also, then you might want to make similar videos on that content.
  • Age and gender.
    The more you know about your target audience, the easier it’ll be to create the right content for them.
  • How often you upload a new video.
    Try to upload at least one new video a week, the more the better. When you first upload your video, set the visibility setting to unlisted so you can check for ad suitability and copyright claims.
  • Upload a transcript.
    You should also upload a transcript so hard of hearing or people who had sound turned off can read the captions below your video. After you’ve finished optimizing your video, you can schedule it for the day and time that you wish to publish it.

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Click here to get The One Blueprint That Gives You Step-By-Step Instructions
On How To Grow A Profitable YouTube Channel

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