How To Block YouTube Ads On Google Chrome So You Can Get Straight To The Content

Do you get tired or annoyed by the ads
that play before a YouTube video?

How do you block those ads that appear on other
people’s YouTube videos so you can get straight to the content?

The free AdBlock extension for Google Chrome blocks
video ads on YouTube, Facebook and other websites.

Here are the steps to block YouTube Ads On Google Chrome:

Watch the video below…

  • If you’re not using the Chrome browser you can go to
  • Click the download button used for the Mac, Android or IOS
  • After you install Google Chrome go to the Chrome web store…you’ll find it at
  • Search for adblock in the search box
  • Click enter
  • Scroll’ll see extensions…most popular…adblock…so click on that
  • The adblock extension will pop up
  • Click on free
  • Click ad
  • Adblock is getting installed
  • Now you’ll see a window that says “adblock has been added to Chrome”
  • Now let’s test it out by visiting a website
  • Play a YouTube video that previously displayed ads before the content appeared
  • With the Adblocker Extension installed on Chrome it won’t show the ads anymore

You can also get AdBlock for Firefox, Safari and Opera by going to

Join 40 million other users who are using the Google Chrome extension to block ads on the web so you can free up your time and get straight to the content.

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