How To Check The Growth Of Your Subscribers On YouTube

So you’re excited to see your subscriber numbers
increasing on YouTube…right

Do you want to know who are your biggest fans?

Do you want to view the rate at which your
subscriber base is growing?

Here are the steps to check your public
subscribers on YouTube

  • Log into your YouTube Channel
  • Click on your profile icon
  • Click creator studio
  • Go to community
  • Click on the drop down box
  • Click “subscribers”
  • At the top it will show you the number of subscribers of your channel
  • It says “only subscribers who share their subscriptions publicly are shown”
  • It shows who they are, when they subscribed, the subscribers,
    you can subscribe to them, send them a message.
  • Also you can check your most recent or most popular

Now you can see the number of subscribers you have and when they subscribed

Here’s how to check the GROWTH of your subscribers

  • Go to your analytics
  • Scroll down till you see “subscribers”
  • Click “subscribers”
  • And click on “show growth”
  • Here it shows the growth of your subscribers over the last 28 days
  • Also check this drop down box and you look at 30 days or
    over the last month, this year, last year, etc
  • And here it shows the number of subscribers you’ve gained in the last month
  • Here it shows the source of your subscribers, from video,
    from channels, recommended channels
  • Click on “geography” you’ll see which country most of your subscribers come from
  • Click “date”…how many people subscribed on a specific date
  • And under “subscription status” ..number of subscribers you’ve
    gained within the last 28 days

Now you know how to check your subscribers on YouTube and
monitor the rate of growth of your subscriber base.

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