How To Convert A YouTube Video To MP3 Or MP4 Audio

  • What if you want to download music from a YouTube video and upload it to your portable music player?
  • Did you know you can download the audio file from YouTube Video and upload it to podcast directories. It will help you gain more exposure to your content.

Podcasts require your YouTube video to be converted to an MP3 audio file or an MP4 audio file before it can be submitted to Podcast Directories.

Here are the steps to convert your
YouTube Video to an MP3 audio file:

  • Select the video where you wish to download the audio
  • In this case I’ve selected the music video from Michael Bluble…
  • Just highlight the URL or Command+C on the MAC
  • Open a new tab and go to
  • Paste your URL into the box or Command+V on the MAC
  • Click convert video
  • Click on download
  • Go to your downloads folder and look for the MP3 audio file

That’s it!

Here are the steps to convert a
YouTube Video to an MP4 audio file

  • So I’ve selected the same video as above(Michael Bluble)
  • Highlight the URL (
  • Copy it or command+c on the MAC
  • Open up notepad or your text file
  • Paste the URL into there or command+v on the MAC
  • Remove the front of the URL
  • Add ss to the front
  • Highlight it
  • Copy paste it into your browser address bar
  • Go the download button
  • You’ll see all the links: MP4, FLV, MP4, 480 and the audio MP4 128

That’s it!

Now you know how to re-purpose your YouTube video by first downloading the audio file. You can then submit it to podcast directories such as iTunes. This gives more exposure to your content so you can get more leads and generate more sales.

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