I’m going to show you how to download your own YouTube videos from your own YouTube channel and less than 30 seconds without installing any software.

Sometimes you just want to back up your own YouTube videos or upload them to a different platform. If you want to download other people’s videos so you can watch them offline on your iPhone or Android device, watch this video.

Just keep in mind you can only legally download videos from other channels with YouTube premium. Let’s go to my computer to show you how to download videos from your own channel in less than 30 seconds.

Log into your your YouTube Channel

Click on YouTube studio

On the far left hand column. Click videos

Click the box next to the video that you wish to download.

Click the drop down box that says more actions.

Click download. It only took 29 seconds to download my own YouTube video

As you can see, it’s downloading right now to my desktop.

Click “show in finder”

Here’s the video that’s been downloaded to my downloads folder.

What if you want to download multiple videos to your computer?

You can download them individually by just clicking the three dots and click download

If I select all 30 videos on the page by clicking the box at the top, which says “select all”, notice that I cannot download multiple videos. However, it’s very easy to delete them forever, but I wouldn’t recommend that.

Instead, what you have to do is just hover over the three dots that says options. Then download each individual video.

If you want to download all the videos from your YouTube channel to your computer, you can use a service from Google called Google takeout.

What if you can’t download your own YouTube videos?

Here are 4 reasons why you’re unable to download your own YouTube videos.

It mean your video has been removed from YouTube.

Your video has either a copyright or community guidelines strike against it.

Your video uses a preapproved audio track.

You’ve already downloaded your video five times in the last 24 hours. YouTube only allows you to download an individual video up to five times per day. After the day has passed, you’ll see the option to download the video again.

What if you want to save videos from other people’s channels so you can watch them later? 
Just watch the next video on how to save videos from other people’s channels to a playlist so you can watch them later.

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