How To Get 20,000 Subscribers On YouTube

First of all I want to thank all my subscribers for watching and interacting with my videos. I also want to thank all non-subscribers for viewing and commenting on my videos. Without you ALL, I wouldn’t have been able to steadily grow my channel.

Determination, hard work, consistency and patience are the 4 main ingredients that have enabled me to get 20,000 subscribers on YouTube.

In the video below you’ll discover the 7 main elements
that have enabled me to achieve this goal.

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Here are the 7 main elements that have enabled me
to grow my YouTube channel to 20,000 subscribers

1. Be passionate about your channel content

  • You’ll lose interest if you’re not passionate about your video topics
  • You’ll have fun creating the content
  • You’ll feel good about helping others

2. Identify your target audience

  • Research the problems your audience has and offer solutions in your videos
  • Use polls, surveys, ask questions in FB groups, listen to live streams where people are rapidly asking questions
  • Use the YouTube suggestion tool to create a list of suggestions from search
  • Use to find the questions people are asking in your niche

3. Offer value

  • Create content your audience wants to watch
  • Solve their problems
  • Educate, entertain, motivate and inspire people with your content

4. Create engaging videos

  • Hook them in beginning
  • Offer several solutions
  • Add a strong call to action using cards and end screens

5. Build a community

6. Be consistent

  • I’ve been uploading new videos 2x/week consistently for several years. It takes determination, hard work and patience to maintain this schedule.
  • YouTube channel growth is not a sprint but a marathon.
  • Maintain a regular upload schedule (ie Mon and Wed) so viewers will know when to expect new video content will be uploaded to your channel. Display the schedule on your channel banner and/or in the description below your video.

7. Track video performance

  • Visit YouTube analytics to check watch time, audience retention and main traffic sources. Watch Time is one of the main ranking factors so work on creating videos that keep people watching. This will help your videos to rank higher and show up in suggested videos resulting in more views and subscribers.

“Little hinges swing BIG doors” This means one incremental change may result in a large increase of views and subscribers. Continually work to improve the growth of your channel by making small changes to your videos (ie design better custom thumbnails).

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