How Autoresponders Can Double Your Product Sales


John operates a clothing store online. Recently his sales dropped due a struggling economy. People are being more careful about spending their money. He has a sign up form on his website and manually sends emails to his subscribers whenever he has time and is motivated to do so. It’s a laborious process so it doesn’t get done very often. Therefore his customers only receive emails every so often. He wants to automate his email delivery process so he can double his sales so he invests in autoresponder software.

Definition of Autoresponders

This is software that sends out a series of emails generated automatically by autoresponder software. The software can be remotely hosted, installed on your desktop or locally hosted (a script hosted on your own server). For example an automated email response is sent to a person who fills out an opt-in form to receive your newsletter. A sequential autoresponder sends out a series of automated email messages over a a period of time. Contrast this method to manually sending them out one at a time.

How Autoresponders Can Double Your Product Sales

John asks people visiting his website to leave their email address to receive notification of discount coupons, specials, new items and/or the latest clothing news.

All customers emails are entered into the database of his autosponder software.

He writes a series of email messages and loads them into his autoresponder to be sent out at different intervals. Customers receive the first follow-up message the day after they sign up. Several days later, they receive the second message. After a week, his autoresponder sends the third follow up message, and so on, and so forth. This process continues until all of John’s follow up messages are sent to his customers, or the customer unsubscribes from John’s autoresponder.

Notice that John set the intervals between his follow up messages exactly the way he wanted them. He could have sent them all within the first week or even spaced them out at monthly intervals.

Each message that the customer receives looks like it’s sent directly from John. If the customer clicks “reply” while reading one of the messages, the reply will go straight to John’s e-mail address.

Instead of contacting his customers once in a while, John is able to stay in touch with them automatically by sending tips, coupons, articles, product recommendations and/or a regular newsletter.

To manage his messages, view customers contact information, graphs or statistics, John simply needs to login to his control panel. The autoresponder software automates the whole process so John is free to focus on other aspects of his business. The autoresponder software takes all of the work out of following up.

This results in doubling his sales.

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