How To Be More Energetic In YouTube Videos

This morning, I decided to film outside in nature because it gives me more energy than filming in my office.

In the video below, I’m going to show you seven ways to be more energetic on camera so you won’t bore your audience and keep your viewers watching.

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  1. Choose a topic that you’re excited to talk about.
    I chose this topic because when I first started recording videos, I didn’t realize that the camera takes away your energy. I also see many new creators make the mistake of not raising their energy level before they hit the record button. If you’re passionate about a particular subject that you know a lot about, it’s easy to talk about it on camera.
  2. Choose the best time of the day
    If you film the videos when you’re tired, nervous, irritated, or don’t have much time, it will show on camera. Typically, I’ll film my videos in the morning because that’s when I have the most energy and feel the most creative.
  3. Model a famous speaker
    Study speakers like Tony Robbins to see how they pace themselves
    when they’re delivering their content then try to model that technique.

Here’s an excerpt from Tony Robbins speaking on stage…

If there are different energies, masculine and feminine energies, regardless of whether it’s men and women, it could be two women, two men and women. As long as whatever the relationship is, there’s a more masculine one or more feminine one, there’s going to be sparks. That’s where the electricity comes from.”

Tony Robbins

4. Elevate your energy before you hit record.
If I want to get the blood flowing and elevate my energy before I hit record, I might do some push ups, some chin ups, change my mood by dancing to some upbeat music.

Or perhaps I’ll go for a run or walk in nature. That’s why I’m filming outside
today because I get energized from being in nature.

When you smile before you hit the record button, it helps you to relax and come across naturally to your audience. When you’re uptight or nervous, you’ll tend to speak faster and will sound unnatural. Make sure you also look directly into the camera lens instead of off to the side so you can connect with your audience.

Many creators often make the mistake of looking at the flip out screen
instead of looking directly into the camera.

6. Hook viewers at the beginning
If you grab the attention of the viewers in the first 30 seconds of the video, it’s more likely that they’ll watch the rest of the video. You can achieve this by teasing your viewers about what’s coming up later in the video making a bold statement, asking a question, or even telling a story.

Avoid the mistake of showing a branded intro or waffling on about yourself at the beginning of your video. Instead, get straight to the point so you don’t waste your viewers precious time.

7. Get feedback from others
It’s easy to fall in love with yourself because you watch so many of your own videos. When you get feedback from others, it helps you to have a more objective viewpoint about yourself. I often ask for feedback from my wife, my kids and members of my Facebook group.

facebook group

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Try to improve the delivery of the content for each new video you upload to YouTube because practice makes perfect.

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right.

Tony Robbins

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