How To Blur Objects On YouTube Without Removing Them

Do you want to hide something that you accidentally
recorded in your YouTube videos?

YouTube’s Blur Tool allows you to blur things such as people, contact information, financial information without having to delete then re-upload the video.

The custom blurring tool can be applied to
any object in your video, even moving ones.

Here are the steps to blur objects on YouTube
videos without removing them

Watch the video below..

  • Go to your video manager
  • Select the video that you wish to edit
  • Click “edit”
  • Click “enhancements”
  • Click “blurring effects”
  • Go down to “custom blurring”
  • Click “edit”
  • Select the areas that you wish to blur
  • Hover your mouse over the object that you wish to blur
  • Then create a square around the blurred effect
  • You can create multiple blurring effects on your video
  • And if you want to resize the box just grab the corners
  • If you want to get rid of the boxes, just click the “X” to remove it
  • You can also extend the blur
  • If you want to do it for the whole video just extend
    it across the entire timeline
  • I’m just going to do it for one minute
  • Check how the blurring appears by playing your video
  • You can see that the surfer on the wave has been blurred
  • You can see that it did not quite work so just
    create another blurring box here.
  • So sometimes you’ve just got to play around with it to make it work for you
  • You might have to create multiple blurring boxes to
    blur the object throughout the video
  • Once you’ve done editing just click “done”
  • Then you have the original and you have a preview
  • So here you see the object is being blurred
  • Now you have 3 saved options
  • You’ve got “revert to the original” can “save it as a new video”
    or you can “save the video in-place”
  • This means you can save the existing video and keep
    the number of views, comments and rankings
  • So I am just going to click “save”
  • It says “saving edits..we keep a version of your original video so you can undo your edits. To prevent this select cancel and then save as new video”
  • I don’t want to do that so I click “save”
  • Now it says “edit in progress” so I’ll come back to it in a few minutes
  • If we check the video it says “sit tight! Your video edits are about 90% done. Come back to this page in a little while”
  • Let’s play the video
  • Now you’ll notice that the surfer has been blurred as he proceeds
    down the wave. Notice that after 1 minute mark the surfer reappears.

Now you know how to blur objects in your YouTube videos
without having to delete and re-upload the videos.

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