How To Comment On YouTube App (Pros and Cons)

If you want to manage your comments on the go using your iPhone or Android device I highly recommend installing the YouTube App. You’ll have the ability to reply to comments, like, dislike, add hearts, pin a comment to the top or remove the comments.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for 
how to comment using the YouTube App

Watch the video below..

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  • Tap the YouTube app
  • Here’s the home screen
  • Tap library on the home screen
  • Tap my videos
  • Tap on a video, scroll down to see all the comments
  • Tap the like icon to like the comment
  • Tap the dislike icon if I dislike the comment
  • Tap the reply icon to reply to the comment or discard it
  • Tap the heart icon to show you love the comment
  • To reply to a comment just tap on the comment
  • Tap the blue icon to publish the comment

You can also tap these 3 dots icon to reply, iedit your comment, delete the comment or cancel the comment.

If you want to pin your comment to the top, tap the 3 dots icon, and tap the pin icon, you can also remove, report it or cancel the comment. That’s how to comment quickly and easily using the youtube app.

So which app do I recommend for quickly and easily commenting on
videos on the go..the youtube creator studio app or the youtube app?

If I tap on the youtube creator studio app, go straight to my dashboard I can tap the menu at the top and tap comments to see all my list of new comments.

If I want to reply to comments on any of my videos, just tap the menu icon, tap videos. I can just tap on a video, scroll down to the bottom, then reply to a comment.

If I tap the youtube app icon, tap library, then I have to tap on one of the videos, scroll down to the bottom to find the comment, then tap the icon to reply to the comment. However I can also tap the heart icon to say I love the comment.

PROS & CONS of Commenting on YouTube Creator Studio App
The PROS of the youtube creator studio app is that it’s faster to comment because you can view the list of comments or you can comment on a specific video.

One disadvantage is that you don’t see the heart icon so you can’t love the comment however
you can still reply to the comment.

PROS & CONS of Commenting on YouTube App
The PROS of the YouTuube app is that it also contains the heart icons so you can love a comment.

The disadvantage of the YouTube App is that you can’t reply as quickly to a comment for a specific video.
You also don’t get a list of recent comments.

My recommendation is to use the YouTube Creator Studio App
to manage your youtube comments on the go.

If you want an app for quickly shooting videos, plus reply to comments, use the YouTube App. You also can quickly record a video just by tapping on the camera icon, then tap record.

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