How to Create a Start And End Time On Your YouTube Video

  • What if you want to direct someone to a certain section of your video without having him or her watch all the way through?
  • What if you want to create a start and end time to a certain topic in your video then insert it as a hyperlink in the description?

Sometimes a video takes too long to get to the main point. You just want to show the person that you’re sharing the video with to skip to a specific point or topic so they only have to watch that particular section.

Here are the steps to create a start and end point for your video:

Step 1. Find the point in the video you want to direct viewers to.
In this case I want to direct viewers to the topic in the video “How to create or edit a YouTube Channel Icon using” This begins exactly at one minute and eight seconds.

Step 2. Enter the time in your description
So what I’ve done is added 1:08 to the description under the video. If you click on the hyperlink that’s been created it redirects you to that particular section in the video.

Step 3. Add timestamps to the different sections of your video
So if you go to the video description you’ll see I’ve added 0:21 seconds. If you click on the hyperlink it will take you directly to the section “How to upload an icon that you’ve already created.”

I added 2:11 for 3 tips to keep in mind before creating a YouTube channel icon

The beauty of adding these timestamps in your description is that they act as hyperlinks. This allows viewers to skip to a certain topic in your video without having to watch your video all the way through.

Another great tip is to add a timestamp in your comments so you can direct a person that may have asked a question to a certain section in your video.

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