How To Get 25,000 YouTube Subscribers

Thank you for supporting my YouTube journey. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to all of you that subscribed to my YouTube channel, watched and commented on my videos.

In the video below, I show you 10 Power Tips that I used to get 25,000 subscribers and how you can use it too, to grow your own channel.

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1. Choose a niche that you’re passionate about.

When you’re passionate about the topic of your channel, you still will be able to keep growing even though you may not get many views and subscribers. This especially takes place at the beginning of the growth of your channel. Instead of trying to cover a broad topic like dog training, try to niche down your topic like a specific breed of dog, so you’ll appeal to a special group of people. This will make it easier to attract a specific audience and target specific keyword phrases.

2. Brand your channel and thumbnails.

The thumbnail of your video is the first thing that people see in the search engines. Therefore, make sure you use contrasting colors and bold text. If possible, include your face because people are attracted to expressions. Make sure you also include attractive channel art such as your channel banner on your channel homepage. Many people will visit your channel homepage when you first publish your video.

The channel homepage gives you an opportunity to convert them from a viewer to a loyal subscriber. Therefore, create a customized channel trailer which asks people to subscribe, and organize the sections on your homepage and the playlist.

3. Target long-tail keyword phrases.

Instead of trying to compete with large channels in your niche that have a lot of authority, try to focus on low-competition keywords. You can find these main keyword phrases by typing your keyword into the YouTube suggest box. You can also use keyword tools like Tubebuddy, Keywords everywhere which is a free-form extension, and the Google Keyword Planner.

4. Create engaging videos.

Watch time is one of the biggest ranking factors on YouTube. The longer you keep people watching your YouTube video, the higher probability your video will appear in the search engines. Your video will also show up on other people’s channels based upon their viewing experience.

Use a hook at the beginning of your video to immediately grab your viewers’ attention. Deliver the content that you promised in the introduction. Include a strong call to action at the end of your video by asking people to subscribe and to check out related videos. When you ask people to subscribe at the beginning and/or at the end of your video, it gives them a powerful benefit why they should subscribe to your channel.

Add icons to your video that link to related videos or playlists. This will extend the viewing period on YouTube which YouTube loves. Make sure you provide a clear path for your viewer. The path of your viewer begins by clicking on your thumbnail, read in title, then watching your video. Therefore, make sure your thumbnail, title, description, and tags are all congruent and related with each other.

A highly relevant video will do well in the search engines.

5. Utilize all YouTube’s features

Use Cards and end-screens to get viewers to interact while watching your video. Create a subscribe watermark that appears on all the videos on your channel. Upload a transcript of every video you publish so people who can’t hear or have the sound turned off, can still read your captions and subtitles under your video.

6. Add videos to playlists

Playlists are a great method to organize a series of videos. Instead of somebody watching a single video, they’ll watch several videos in succession. Extending the viewing time or watch time sends a signal to YouTube to promote your video. It will then also have a higher probability of appearing in search and also appearing on other people’s channels based upon their viewing activity.

7. Promote and re-purpose your content

Make sure you promote your video across social media sites by using the icons below your video. Re-purpose your video content by embedding it on your website and related websites.

Click here to watch my video on 10 different ways to re-purpose your video content.

8. Study YouTube analytics

If you want to know what you should improve about your video, you should study your YouTube analytics. Click on traffic sources, to know exactly where most of your traffic is coming from. Click the Subscribe link to find out which videos are attracting the most subscribers. Click on the Audience Retention link to find out how long people are watching your videos.

Click here to watch my tutorial on YouTube Analytics.

9. Be consistent

If you want to see steady a growth of your YouTube channel, you have to have a consistent upload schedule. For example, I upload new videos every Monday, Thursday, and do live streams on Friday. I must admit, sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated.

Click here to watch my series of videos on how to become motivated on YouTube and how to stay motivated.

10. Interact and build community

YouTube is a social community so people want to connect with each other. Try to respond to every comment left on your video. If you ignore the comments, people are not going to be motivated to comment on your future videos.

I also invite people to join my YouTube community, so they can interact with each other. If you want to join my YouTube community on Facebook visit Tube Video Boot Camp.

If you implement these 10 powerful tips I used to grow my channel
to 25,000 subscribers, you’ll be able to grow your channel also.

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  1. amazind idea for youtube subscriber, its really benificial for me

  2. thanks fo this idea

  3. Hey Herman, Great post and really inspiring. Congratulations on your 25,000 subscribers. I knew about the tag trick where you copy other people’s tags.

    What I did not know however is that you need long tail keywords just like we are advised when starting a blog. Thank you, Bruce.

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