How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel Homepage

Do you know where most of your traffic is coming from?

Recently I discovered most traffic from my recent
videos comes from browse features.

In the video below you’ll discover how to identify the largest traffic sources for your videos, and 7 ways to optimize your channel homepage to get more views to your videos.

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How do you identify your main traffic source?

To identify the main traffic source for one of your most recent videos, go to your video manager then copy the title of one of your most recent videos. Next go to YouTube analytics, enter the video title in the overview box, click on the title on the drop down box, visit YouTube analytics, traffic sources, browse features. I noticed this is the Number 1 traffic source of my recent videos.

So what are Browse Features?

This is “Traffic from the homepage/home screen, the subscription feed, and other browsing features. Includes both signed-in and signed-out users.”

The purpose of your home page should be to convert viewers into subscribers and returning subscribers so they can watch more of your videos.

Here are 7 ways to optimize your channel homepage
and get more views to your videos

1. Channel banner

  • Keep the graphic simple and professional
  • Summarize what your channel is all about
  • Include upload schedule
  • Include a picture of yourself

2. Channel Trailer (new visitors)

  • Create a 60 second video that encapsulates the content of your channel
  • Invite viewers to subscribe and tell them why
  • The subscribe button will automatically pop-up at the end of the video

3. Featured video (returning subscribers)

  • Feature your most recently uploaded video or playlist

4. About page

  • Add a description that will motivate viewers to subscribe
  • Add custom links
  • Include an email for accepting business enquiries from potential clients or sponsors

5. Sections

  • Place your best playlists into sections
  • Optimize each playlist by including a title, description and thumbnail (these will appear on your home page above each section and also when someone hovers over your channel icon).
  • Position your most popular content at the top
  • Create vertical and horizontal sections

6. Thumbnails

  • Since these are all images they are doing to catch the eye of your viewers.
  • Make sure they are all congruent, contain bright colors, have bold text and tell a story.

7. Get opinions from others
You’ve probably heard of the saying “ cannot see the forest for the trees” This means that a person cannot see the big picture because the focus is too much on the details.

When you view your own page, it’s difficult to be objective because you see it all the time. Instead, get opinions from others by asking “what elements stand out on my homepage that would motivate you to subscribe to my channel”. If there’s nothing that inspires them, you know it’s time to raise your game.

Now you know the 7 main elements to optimize
on your YouTube Channel Homepage

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