How To Post A YouTube Video On Instagram To Get More Views & Sales

Do you want to expose your youtube videos to a different audience so you can get more views and sales from all the hard work that you put into creating them?

In this video below you’ll learn how to post a youtube video on Instagram so you can expose your content to a wider audience. Stay tuned to the end of the video to discover a shortcut for posting your youtube videos on Instagram.

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Here’s how to convert your youtube video into a square video so it looks like this on Instagram. You’ll be giving your Instagram viewers a preview of the full video on youtube.

Step 1.
Select the youtube video that you wish to promote. I selected a video file of a live stream I did a couple of weeks ago.

Step 2. 
Add the video file to the timeline in your video editing software.

Step 3.
Select the snippet from your video file. The whole video file was over 44 minutes long, so I just chose a snippet. I removed the majority of it. Now I’ve created a snippet that I want to use for my Instagram video.

Step 4.
Create a new document. In Screenflow video editing software, I go to fileā€¦ new…. select new document, and from the dropdown I just select Instagram. If you are using different video editing software, just choose width, 640 pixels by height, 640 pixels and timeline frame rate, 30 frames per second. I create the document that’s a square format for Instagram.

Step 5.
Copy the video snippet
Highlight the video file on the timeline. On the Mac, I do Command+C . I go to my new document and paste it into the document. Currently it’s not formatted correctly for square video.

Step 6.
Format the video square video.Highlight the video file and and scale it to fit into the window.

Step 7.
Add text to the top and bottom of your video. In this case I’ve just used the image at the top and added some text at the bottom. If I go further in the video I have an image on my slide and I’ve added the title of my video to the top and then a snippet at the bottom. So if you have a talking head video, the talking head video would be in the middle. After that you just add the top and bottom banners.

At the end of the video, redirect people to your channel. So I’ve got, which takes people to all the videos on my channel.

Alternatively, you can put a link to the video in your bio and tell people to click the link in your bio.

Step 8.
Publish a preview video and save it to your desktop. Click file, export, I’m going to name it leads from live then I’m going to make sure it’s 640 by 640 for the resolution, so that it’s 100% of the original, and then I’m going to export it to my desktop.

Step 9.
Transfer the video from your desktop to your phone. Just air drop the video file from the computer to the iPhone.

Step 10.
Upload the video from your phone to Instagram.
– Tap the Instagram App
– Tap the plus sign
– Use the voice recorder to add the caption in the description . After adding the description, add a call to action, which is a redirect link to watch the rest of the video. It links to all the videos on my channel.

Alternatively, you can tell people to check out the link to the video in the bio.

Step 11.
Add Hashtags.
I’ve already created a list of hashtags in my notes app, so I’m just going to copy and paste from there. Here’s an example video on Instagram showing the top and bottom banners on the video.

Here’s a shortcut to create a video clip from a youtube video to post on Instagram from your iPhone.

You can make a square video for Instagram from your youtube video using the video crop app from the app store.

  1. Install the video crop app from the app store.
  2. Tap on the video crop app
  3. Select the youtube video from your camera roll.
  4. Tap Crop
  5. Tap Instagram. Now I’ve got a square video I can upload to Instagram. After you’ve finished, Just tap done.

    Now it says copying video,..this app exports high-resolution video. That’s why it may take some time in video rendering, depending on your video file size. Thanks for your patience .

    If you want to trim and cut the video to reduce the file size just tap trim and cut. And here’s how the Instagram video is displayed on a phone with the top and bottom text added

Here are some places to use square video to promote your youtube content.
– Instagram Feed
– Instagram Stories
– Facebook
– Twitter

Are there other ways to repurpose your youtube videos so you can expose your content to a wider audience?

I’m glad you’re asked. Just watch my next video on how to repurpose video content so you can reach more people.

If you want a grow your YouTube Channel so you can attract more views and subscribers, pick up a copy of my 100+ page YouTube Marketing Guide

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