How To Promote Your YouTube Video After Upload (10 FREE WAYS)

If you want to drive more traffic to your YouTube video, you’ve got to promote your video after you upload it. In this video, you’ll learn 10 free ways to promote your YouTube videos after you posted on YouTube so you can get more views and subscribers.

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  1. Create a square video that’s under one minute long from your YouTube video and post it to Instagram.
    You can rescale your 16:9 YouTube video into a 1:1 square video using your video editing software. A free online tool you can use to rescale your video is Kapwing. I’ll place a link to it in the description below this video. Add the title at the top of your square video and include some of the content. At the end of your square video, add a call to action like, “Click the link in the bio for more info.” When someone clicks the link in the bio, it will take them directly to watch the video on YouTube.

    Here’s how to easily get your custom subscribe pop-up link using TubeBuddy.
    Click on the TubeBuddy icon. Click on Promo Materials. You’ve got the most recent upload, your most recent upload for embedding, most popular upload, channel page link, and you’ve even got the channel page with subscription pop-up link. Just copy the most recent upload URL and it says, “This link will always direct people to your most recent public upload.” Make sure you also include hashtags that are relevant to the content in your video so it can be found on Instagram.
  2. Instagram Stories.
    This is a 15-second vertical video you can upload to Instagram every day. You can preview your upcoming video or share actionable tips on a daily level. Make sure you also include a hashtag that is relevant to the content that you’re posting to Instagram.
  3. Facebook groups.
    Use the search box on Facebook to find groups that are relevant to your niche. Follow the rules of the group before posting. Otherwise, you might get banned from the group. Instead, try to engage in conversations within the group by answering questions. When members become familiar with you, they’ll more than likely check out your channel.

    Another thing you can do is create your own Facebook group that’s related to your niche. For example, I have a Facebook group called Tube Video Boot Camp that has over 1,000 members. Click here to join my Facebook group. You’ll be able to interact with like-minded creators that are also striving to grow their YouTube channels. Plus, you can get answers to your questions from other members on the group.
  4. Transcribe your video content.
    When you upload a transcription of your video content, it displays closed captions under your video. This helps viewers that are hard of hearing or have the sound turned off be able to read the captions that are below the video.

    How do you create your transcript?
    You can edit the auto-generated transcript from YouTube, or you can save time by getting it done by a professional company. I get my videos transcribed by GoTranscript. Another great benefit of getting your video transcribed is that you can repurpose the written transcript into blog posts and for social media posts.
  5. Create a blog post.
    Take the transcript that you just created and post it on your blog or website. Embed your YouTube video in the post. When you create a blog post, make sure you optimize it correctly by creating an optimized title, description, and tags. You can also link to other related videos within the post. When you optimize your blog post correctly, it’ll improve the probability of your blog post being found in the Google Search engine. This will appear in your YouTube Analytics as an external traffic source. For my channel, my number one external traffic source is Google Search because it drives a lot of traffic to my YouTube videos.
  6. Email all your list.
    Not all your viewers will receive all notifications of your new uploads. Therefore, it makes sense to create an email list off YouTube. Even when viewers subscribe and click the bell notification icon, they won’t receive all your notifications of new uploads. I use an email list provider called AWeber to store thousands of emails and to send out emails automatically.

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    AWeber also allows you to track the open rates of your email list, as well as create free landing pages. The landing pages enable you to easily create an opt-in form where you can offer a free download like a cheat sheet, report, free video course in exchange for the contact information. Over time, you grow the email list that you own and is not dependent on YouTube. If something happens to your YouTube channel, you still have your email list that you own.
  7. Collaborations.
    This is where you collaborate with another person that is in a similar niche as your own. This is a great way to expose your content to their subscribers and their content to your subscribers. Before you approach another person for a collaboration, think about what value you can offer to their audience. If it’s something new, valuable, and relevant to the audience, then go ahead with the collaboration.
  8. Translate your content into a different language.
    Go to the Audience tab in YouTube analytics and see which countries are driving the most traffic to your YouTube videos. If there’s a country that doesn’t speak English that are driving a lot of traffic to your video, think about translating your video into a different language than English. I’ll place a link in the description on how to translate your video to English or another language.
  9. Create a custom subscribe link.
    The great benefit of creating custom subscribe link is that when somebody clicks on the link, they’ll be automatically subscribed to your channel. You can add the subscribe link to YouTube about page, in your YouTube description, on your blog, and on the social media sites.

    Here’s how to easily get the permanent link for your latest YouTube video using TubeBuddy.
    Click the TubeBuddy icon. Click Promo Materials. Where it says channel page with subscription pop-up link, copy the URL. It says, “This link will direct people to your YouTube channel page and display the ‘Subscribe to Channel’ pop-up. If you want to use the full, non-shortened URL, copy this link.

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  10. Answer questions.
    Go to a site like Quora and answer any questions that are related to your niche. You can use a transcript that you created previously to post on Quora and also embed your YouTube video there. Other places where you can answer questions related to your niche are in Facebook groups, forums like Reddit, and also in comments of your competitors’ videos. Just make sure you don’t spam the platform but reply to the question with an in-depth answer. If you do that, people will be more motivated to check out your channel.

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