How To Rank Your Videos Fast In YouTube And Google To Get More Traffic

Do you want get more traffic to your YouTube videos?

In the video below I show how to rank your videos in YouTube and Google fast so you can attract more views and subscribers to your YouTube Channel.

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So what’s the difference between YouTube and Google?

  • Google is the largest search engine on the Net while YouTube is the second largest search engine however it’s also owned by Google.
  • YouTube wants to keep you on the platform for as long as possible to sell more advertising whereas Google wants to solve your query as quickly and painlessly as possible.
  • YouTube and Google have their own specific ranking factors that determine where a video will rank in its search results.

Let’s look at the main ranking factors for YouTube and Google

YouTube and Google have their own specific ranking factors that determine where a video will rank in its search results. Like Google, YouTube wants to return extremely relevant results. However, they also have the goal of keeping you on the platform, so they tend to favor content that has a proven track record of user engagement.

YouTube Ranking Factors

Watch time

This is the amount of time someone spends watching your video. The longer someone stays watching your video, the more opportunity your video has of appearing your suggested videos and ranking high in YouTube’s search results. Therefore, make sure that your content is what your target audience wants to watch. Click the card icon to watch my video on how to increase watch time for your YouTube videos.

Platform abandonment rate

If your viewer leaves in the first few seconds, it probably means that the content is not relevant to what they expect. Study the audience retention graph in YouTube analytics and add a card right before they leave your video.


YouTube videos often appear at the top of the search results when first published. If you don’t get a lot of traffic in the first few days, you’ll lose the rankings and it may disappear altogether from the first page.

Likes / Shares

When YouTube sees that your video gets a lot of engagement in the first 24 and 48 hours, then they’ll rank your videos accordingly. If it continues to get a lot of engagement, your video rankings will remain.


This refers to incoming links to your video. The more properties on the net where your video appears, the higher your probability of getting good rankings.


The keyword phrase that you’re targeting should be relevant to the queries that someone’s entering into the YouTube search box. When your thumbnail, title, description, and tags are all relevant and congruent with each other, you’ll have a high possibility of getting good rankings.

Google Ranking Factors

Keep in mind that both Google and YouTube have hundreds of ranking factors that are kept secret, but the primary ones are…

Keyword relevancy

As mentioned before, the keyword phrase that you’re targeting should occur in the title, description, and tags of your video watch page. This makes your YouTube watch page totally relevant. You can also do the same for your channel page and your playlist page.


This refers to the incoming links from other websites. The more properties on the net where your video appears, the high probability of your video ranking in Google.

On-page optimization

Make sure that your main keyword is in your title, description, and tags of your video watch page.

Domain authority

When you register a new domain, it doesn’t usually do well in the search engines. Since YouTube is owned by Google, YouTube has a lot of authority in Google’s eyes.

How Does a Video Rank In the Top 10 on Google?

There are roughly 6 types of queries that normally return video results in the top 10 on Google:

[keyword] video
How to [keyword]
[keyword] tutorial
Tour of [keyword] (usually city name)
[Movie title] review
[Video game] review

What ranking factors apply to both Google and YouTube?

This refers to links from other websites. One of the biggest surprises I found, is that some of my top videos on YouTube were nowhere to be found on Google and vice versa. Some of my YouTube videos appeared on Google after some time but were nowhere to be found on YouTube.

For example, if your video link or your video embed code is on multiple websites, then you rank fast on Google and YouTube. You can do the same with the channel homepage and playlist pages.

Closed Captions
It’s important for YouTube and Google to get a written description of your video. 75% of the YouTube videos in the top 10 search results had closed captions. I’ve noticed videos where I’ve transcribed the video content often appear in Google search results.

Date Published
Newly published videos often appear at the top of the search results on YouTube, then drop rankings after a few days. Videos often appear on Google only after several months or even years.

According to a study…57% of videos in the top 10 were published more than 2 years ago and a total of 82% had been published more than a year ago.

Google doesn’t seem to value freshness as much as it does longevity when it comes to displaying videos at the top of their result pages.

Videos with subscribers ranging anywhere from less than 10,000 to over 1 million all appeared similarly in the top 10 of search results. While it might matter to YouTube, it’s seemingly not a direct video ranking factor for Google.

View Count
A research company found that videos with over 500,000 views ranked in the top 10 search results 48% of the time. Videos with more than 100,000 views appeared in the search results 74% of the time. Therefore, getting more views to your YouTube videos gives your video a boost in the YouTube search results and also helps your rankings in Google

Length of Video Description
More videos ranked in the top search results with less words than more.


Out of all the factors looked at, the strongest rankings signals were:

  • A strong backlink profile for the video
  • Closed captions
  • Video longevity
  • Short but informative descriptions
  • The strongest ranking factor for YouTube is watch time, however, this doesn’t apply to Google.

    Optimizing your video content for both YouTube and Google is a great way to expand your audience and get more views and subscribers on your YouTube videos.

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