Have you ever wanted to translate a YouTube video, a YouTube comment, a sign or a conversation just using your phone?

In the video below, you’ll learn how to translate YouTube videos into English or another language using iPhone or Android device.

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Here’s how to turn on the English auto-generated captions using the YouTube app.

  • Tap the YouTube app,
  • Tap three dots on the video,
  • Tap captions off,
  • Tap English auto-generated.
    Now you see the auto-generated captions under the video. Keep in mind the channel owner must have enabled captions for the video.

Here’s how to translate a YouTube video using a Google Translate app.

Step 1. Install the Google Translate app on your phone.

  • Go to the App Store on your iPhone, or Google Play on your Android device.
  • Tap App Store,
  • Tap search,
  • Enter Google Translate.
    The Google Translate app translates 108 languages. I’ve already installed it.
  • Tap the Translate app after you’ve installed it on your phone.
  • I can translate from English to Spanish if I tap the arrows and translate from Spanish to English.
  • If I tap Spanish, I can choose from any of these 108 languages. I’m going to leave it Spanish for now. I can use my camera, handwriting, conversation, and my voice. I can also just enter text in here, and I’ll translate it into Spanish or any other language.

Now I’m going to translate my YouTube video into Spanish using voice.

Step 2, Translate YouTube video by pointing your phone at the YouTube video and playing it.

  • I’ve got my Google Translate screen open on my iPhone,
  • Now I’m going to record the video on my iMac computer by just tapping Google Translate.
  • I’m going to turn it around. Now I’m going to play the video.
  • I’m going to tap voice on my phone to translate the video on my computer. “If you want to drastically reduce the learning curve to be successful on YouTube, you got to stop making these big mistakes that new YouTubers make.

    The translation reads, “if you want to be successful on YouTube you got to stop making these big mistakes that new YouTubers make.

    I’m really surprised how accurate the translation is.

Step 3, Share your translation.

  • Tap the share icon. I can transfer it to iMac. I can message it, mail it, send it to Gmail, add to my notes, Twitter, Messenger, and more, or I can copy it.
  • I’ll tap add to notes. The Spanish translation has been added to my notes.

You can also translate text on your computer or on a sign while you’re out and about by just using the camera.

  • Tap the camera.
  • I aim the phone camera at the text on my screen, and immediately it translates the English text into Spanish. You can do the same for any sign while you’re out and about.

You can also translate a YouTube title, description or comment by just copying and paste it into the Google Translator.

  • Tap handwriting.
  • Add some text.
  • It translates it into Spanish.

Let’s do conversation.
What if you’re at a restaurant and you want to order something in a different language?

Here’s what you have to do using the Google Translate app on your phone.

  • Tap conversation. How are you?
  • You can see that immediately it translates it into Spanish.

My wife who’s from Austria is going to speak German into the phone, and you can see how good the translation is.

All I have to do is push conversation.
Now, as you can see it’s translated from German to English.

The Translate app is like having a personal interpreter in your pocket. It can help you with videos, texts, difficult pronunciations, conversations, and even uploaded documents.

What if you have no internet?
No problem. With offline mode, your phone doesn’t even need to be connected.

Let me ask you a question…
Do you want to translate the captions and subtitles into different languages while you’re watching the YouTube videos from your computer?

If that’s yes, watch this video on how to auto-translate other people’s YouTube videos from your computer.

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