How To Translate YouTube Videos In Other Languages And Expand Your Audience

Do you want to reach more people with your YouTube videos?

Two thirds of your channel’s views come from outside your country. Check your demographics report in YouTube Analytics to find out where your current audience is coming from. You may want to translate several of your videos to reach a wider audience on YouTube.

Here are 2 ways to translate your YouTube videos:

Watch the video below

1. Use the “Translations” menu

  • First check your demographics in YouTube Analytics to see
    which language you should translate your video into.
  • To do this log into your YouTube Channel
  • Click your profile icon
  • Click creator studio
  • Click analytics
  • Click demographics
  • As you can see most of my views come from United States
    but 10,000 come from India so I might want to translate my video into Hindi.
  • To do this click on the video manager
  • Select the video that you wish to translate
  • Click edit
  • Make sure that the video is not set to private and has at
    least one subtitle or closed caption track.
  • Under the video, select translations and select
    the original language that it’s in so in this case it’s English
  • You can also check this box if you want to set it the default for uploads
  • Click “set language”
  • Ok that’s the original language
  • Here it says “get professional translation and it says
    “get quotes for professional translation services”
  • Click “buy a translation”
  • It says translate from “select a source language”
  • Scroll down
  • Select English
  • Now you just select all the boxes that you wish to translate
  • Click title, description, captions
  • Click “next”
  • Now you need to select all languages that I want to translate my video into
  • So I’m going to select Hindi
  • Click next
  • Now I need to chose a vendor so I’m going to select this one since it’s the cheapest
  • Click “check out”
  • It says $66.58 cents
  • Click “buy” and you’re finished

2. Use the “subtitles and cc” menu

  • So from the video manager select the video that you wish to translate
  • Click “edit”
  • Click “subtitles and cc”
  • Click “add new subtitles and cc”
  • Search 180 other languages
  • So I’ll do Hindi
  • Click “buy translation”
  • Click “select source language”
  • Click “English”
  • Then you just check the boxes that you wish to translate
  • Click “next”
  • Translate from English
  • Select Hindi
  • Click “next”
  • Check the vendor that you wish to use and then “check out”

Keep these 2 important things in mind

1. When the translations are finished they’ll automatically
be published to your video and you’ll receive an email update.

2. If you’ve selected more than one language each language
will be published as it’s been completed.

Now you know How To Translate A YouTube Video into
multiple languages and Expand Your Audience.

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