How To Write A Title For Your Next YouTube Video

Stop writing titles that don’t grab viewer’s attention or get more views.

I’m going to show you how to write a title for your next YouTube video, even if you don’t have a clue, so your videos can be found in YouTube search and/or Google search.

Here’s one of my videos that currently ranks on the first page of Google and also on the first page of YouTube.

Here’s a second video with a similar title that currently ranks on the carousel on Google, and on the first page of YouTube.

1. Identify the titles of your top videos.
These are videos that have proven to be winners because I’ve got a lot of traffic from search or suggested.

Log into your YouTube channel. Click YouTube studio, click analytics, under overview, it’ll give you the videos that drove the most subscriptions.

For example, this video, how to translate YouTube videos to English or another language is doing very well in YouTube Search and Google search.

If you want to drill down and get more details, just click “see more”. You’ll identify the top videos on your channel that have got the most views, most watch time hours, most subscriptions, most revenue, most impressions or most impressions click through rate. This is in the last 28 days or you can change it to last 90 days.

As you can see, this is one of the top traffic getting videos on my channel because it has a keyword optimized title.

Let’s see where this video ranks in the search engines. I’m going to do an incognito search so it won’t be affected by my search history.

As you can see, in Google search, I’ve got a huge thumbnail which attracts a lot of traffic.

Let’s check YouTube search.

It’s also number one in YouTube search so it’s is going to bring in a lot of traffic as well.

2. Make a similar video.
Create a similar video that approaches the content from a different angle. Use the same keyword optimized phrase in your title.

For example, I created another video with a similar title, “how to translate YouTube videos to subtitles or other languages.

Let’s check where it ranks in Google search.

Currently it ranks number three on the carousel on Google.

Let’s check YouTube search. We’ve got to go incognito again. As you can see, it currently ranks number one in YouTube search.

Here’s the other video that I showed you previously, which ranks number five.

3. Analyze your top performing videos.
Obviously the top videos convinced viewers to subscribe more than your other videos, so you want to analyze the topic, the title, the thumbnail, and the format.

Ask yourself, what caused viewers to subscribe to your channel by watching this video?

If I drill down into the analytics of my top video, I can see where most of the traffic is coming from.

As you can see, most of it is coming from external, which is Google search and other traffic comes from YouTube search.

If I click see more, I can see that this video gets a 6.6% impressions click through rate. This measures how often viewers have watched the video after seeing an impression. So if they see the thumbnail in YouTube search and click on it, that’ll give you a high impressions click through rate.

I’ll also study the structure of the video so I can use it for my next video. Ask yourself, what kind of hook did you use at the beginning of your video to grab viewers attention? How was your delivery? How did you keep viewers engaged throughout the video? How did you create a captivating thumbnail image?

4. Write a similar title.
Use the exact keyword phrase at the beginning of your title then use something different at the end.

For example, I used the exact keyword optimized phrase, “how to translate YouTube videos into English” for my second video. Then I just added “subtitles, or other languages” to the end of the title. You can do the same for your top videos. Just identify the top videos on your channel. Then create more of those types of videos with different titles.

5. Create a series of videos and put them in a playlist.

Since you’ve already identified one of the top performing videos on your channel, why not create a series of those videos and put them in a playlist. Each video that you add to the playlist can link to a similar video in the playlist to keep people watching more of your videos.

The goal of YouTube is to keep people on the YouTube platform by watching more and more videos, so why not make it easier for your viewers to watch more videos from your own channel rather than somebody else’s channel.

6.  Repeat the process for your other top videos.
Identify other top performing videos on your channel and create more of them. If you do this on a regular bases, you’ll get more views and subscribers and grow your channel faster.

What if you don’t have any top performing videos because you have a small channel or you’re just starting out on YouTube?

Don’t worry.

Just watch this video to get my secret formula for how to title YouTube videos.

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