How To Make A YouTube Subscribe Button Using Annotations

Do you want to get more subscribers to your YouTube channel?
More subscribers equals more views and more views equals more potential customers.

You could add a small subscribe button across all the videos on your channel by using Invideo programming. Click on this tutorial to find out how to do it.

The problem with using the image in InVideo Programming
is that it is much too small to be seen by your viewers.

So how can you grab the attention of your
viewers so they can subscribe to your channel?

Here are the steps to make a YouTube Subscribe
Button using annotations:

Watch this video…

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  • Log into your YouTube channel
  • Click on your profile
  • Creator Studio
  • Video Manager
  • Click on the video that you wish to add the subscribe button to
  • Click edit
  • Click annotations
  • Select the location on the video where you want you add the subscribe button. In this case I want to add it to the very end
  • Click add annotation
  • Click note
  • You can see the banner has been added to the top left but you can move it down to the bottom right
  • You can enlarge it by moving the corners
  • Put your cursor in the text box to add text
  • You can enlarge it make this it 28 pixels
  • Click on the paint bucket
  • Select red so you can see it..clearly
  • You can move it around a bit
  • And now you’ve got a “click here to subscribe” in the bottom right hand corner of your video. Now if you want to extend it all the way to the end of the video just drag the timeline.
  • You can add your subscribe link by checking the link box
  • Click the drop down box
  • Select subscribe
  • Add your channel name
  • Click save
  • Click publish
  • Let’s check the video
  • Let’s go down to about 15 seconds
  • And here you’ve got the “click here to subscribe” button
  • Click on that
  • Ok here is our video
  • At 0:15 the subscribe button appears
  • Here it is “click here to subscribe” so we click on that. Make sure you’re logged out of your YouTube channel so you can see the subscribe button. When somebody clicks on the subscribe button it will pop up and they can subscribe.

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