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Most visitors to your landing page won’t buy the product the first time they read about it. Some will scan the information then intend to return later and others may want to think about it. A few people will purchase the product right away because it’s exactly what they want or need while others may be impulse buyers (they just got to have it).

What is a squeeze page?

It’s main purpose is to capture contact information of the person visiting your web page so you can follow up with them later via an autoresponder. The autoresponder sends a series of follow-up messages at pre-determined intervals to remind the person about your product and get them to purchase it. It usually takes 7-10 follow-up messages before a person will decide to buy.

The squeeze page typically contains an opt-in form to capture name and email address as shown in the example squeeze page above “Mining Your Opt-In List.”

Example Squeeze Page


The design of this page is very simple. It doesn’t contain links at the top (only at the bottom) to distract visitors while reading the content. It uses plenty of white space to focus the person on the web copy.

Web Copy

The content is not as extensive as an ebook sales page because you only want to capture contact information.

Bold Headline
The large red bold headline is used to immediately capture the attention of your visitors. It should stress the main benefit of your product and include your main keywords.

Content body
Break up the main content by using bullet points to make the page easy to read. Focus primarily on the other benefits of your product (what’s in it for me?).

Opt-in form
Make it easy for people to subscribe by only asking for name and email address. Some marketers only ask for email however test it for your yourself to determine what works best. To install the opt-in code on your web page sign up for a reliable autoresponder service.

Read my Review of YMLP for professional email marketing software

This software allows you to set up multiple autoresponders and track how many people actually viewed your email messages. They’ll also provide the html code to copy and paste into your web page.

Privacy Policy
If you’re collecting personal information from your website visitors you need to include a privacy policy page. It’s primary purpose is to say you’re not going to spam your subscribers and it also meets the legal requirements.

Contact Us
Provide a way for visitors to contact you. The link on this squeeze page immediately opens your email box so you can send a direct email. Alternatively you could create a contact page with a contact form.

Your squeeze page can either be a stand alone landing page or integrated in your main website as displayed in the example above.

Landing Page Examples
Ebook Sales Page

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  1. You may also want to use videos on squeeze pages. They are more engaging because people prefer them to reading sale copy. Also give away freebies too. People love getting something of value for free. It lets them feel in control of the sales process and in more of a buying mood for your upsale pages!

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