How To Use Hashtags On YouTube To Get More Views

Have you noticed some new hashtags appearing on YouTube above the videos title?

What the heck do hashtags mean, how can you use them to make your
videos more discoverable and how do you add them to your videos?

So what is a YouTube hashtag is used for?

When you add them to YouTube videos it’s an easy way to find videos on related topics. For example if somebody clicks a hashtag that I used for my channel it will show the related videos for my channel. This will result in longer watch time because people are staying longer on YouTube. If they stay longer on YouTube watching more of my videos then more of my videos will appear in search and suggested videos.

That’s a good thing!

Here are a couple of different ways to find videos using hashtags
1. You can enter the hashtag and the YouTube search box and related videos will pop up.

2. Click the hashtag in the video title above the video title or in the description. This will also give you a page of related results with the hashtag.

How do you add hashtags to your videos?

If you want to add hashtags to a single video go to your video manager select the video that you wish to add hashtags to click Edit. Add the hashtags to the bottom of your video description or you can also add them to your video title but for right now I’d recommend just adding them to the video description. Make sure you include a hashtag at the beginning of word and don’t include any spaces if you’re joining two words together.

According to YouTube the more tags you add to a video the less relevant they become for users who are searching so if the video has more than 15 hashtags YouTube will ignore all the hashtags on that video. If you over tagged a video YouTube will remove that video from your uploads or from search.

Also make sure you don’t add hashtags that are not directly related to the video that you’ve uploaded. If you add misleading or unrelated hashtags this will also result in the removal of your video.

Click here to read the YouTube’s misleading metadata policies.
Click here to read YouTube’s hashtag policies

If you want to add hashtags to the description of multiple YouTube videos go to your video manager. You can check the box next to actions to add hashtags to all 29 videos on the page or you can select all your videos then just click the actions box – click description – add your hashtags in the box – append to end. You also have the option to append to start, set to or remove.

If you want to add hashtags to select videos then just check the boxes of all the videos that you wish to select. Click the actions box, select description and put the hashtags in the box then select “append to end.” If you want to put it to the end of the description. After you’ve done that just click “Submit” to add them to the description.

hat if you want to add hashtags to all future videos that you publish?

Just click on channel – click upload defaults, then you just add them in a title or in the description at the bottom. After you’ve done that just click Save and your hashtags will show up on all future videos that you publish.

How to edit descriptions across all videos on your channel

Click here if you want to bulk edit all the descriptions on your YouTube channel. The video will show how to find or replace any content that you’ve placed in description across all the videos on your channel

So how do you find relevant hashtags to use on your videos?

My recommendation is to use your channel name in one of the hashtags. If someone clicks on the hashtag all the related videos of your channel will show up on the page.

Experiment with popular hashtags that occur on Instagram and Twitter to see if they work on YouTube. Another idea is to use a specific hashtag that’s just related to your own channel. When someone clicks on that hashtag they’ll discover the videos that are related to the video they’ve just watched. This will result in more watch time for your YouTube videos, higher rankings and more traffic.

Here are three important things to keep in mind…

1. Currently hashtags can only be viewed via a web browser on your computer or through the Android app. Hashtags don’t appear on the iOS app. This means you won’t currently see them on your iPad or iPhone.

2. Only the first three hashtags in a video description will appear above your video title.

3. You can add hashtags in the description of previously uploaded videos.
The hashtag will appear above the video titles for those videos.

Now you know how to get more views to your YouTube videos using hashtags.

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