YouTube Live Stream Ideas You Can Use Right Now – Top 10

Does your mind go blank whenever you try to come
up with live streaming ideas for your YouTube videos?

Live streaming is a great way to increase engagement
and to connect with people in real time.

Watch the video below to discover 10 ideas you
can use right now to Live Stream on YouTube

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1. Tutorials and Training
People love to learn something new that will benefit them. Become your audiences go to reference on a specific topic in your niche by conducting a mini webinar.

Leave time at the end to answer questions.

With Mobile live streaming it’s difficult to share your computer screen unless you use your phone to show a close up. Alternatively you can use YouTube Live to share your desktop

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from your desktop even if you have 0 subscribers.

2. Question and answer session
People attending your live stream have the opportunity to ask questions in the live chat stream. If you want to get the ball rolling, ask the questions in advance then take live requests while you are answering the question.

3. Live events
Perhaps you’re attending a live industry conference in your niche. Use live streaming to cover the event so people who can’t attend can feel as if they are attending the event live.

4. Interviews
Do a live Interview with an expert in your niche. The beauty of this idea is that you don’t need much preparation and you don’t have to provide the content, just the questions. You’ll automatically gain some extra credibility plus you’ll gain some extra exposure via syndication.

5. Product demo
People love to watch somebody unboxing a product that they haven’t yet decided to buy. Show them what it looks like, how it works and your personal opinion of why you bought it. You might want to try a dry run before you live stream just in case the product malfunctions.

6. Product Review
Have you ever been unsure about purchasing new software? Doing a live review of the software for your subscribers will help them to make an informed decision whether they should purchase the software or not. Try to demo the software and point out the advantages as well as the disadvantages.

7. Product launch
Most people don’t buy something the first time they see it,. If you educate them over time they’ll be able to make an informed decision. Create a series of videos before your official product launch that educates people about your product.

8. Office or studio tour
How many people have seen the equipment that you’re using in your office or studio? Give them a tour showing the different tools that you use in your business that makes your life easier.

9. Thoughtful monologue
Perhaps you want to share an inspirational topic with your audience or do daily live tips. It’s often easier to talk about it than to write it down. All you have to do is do some quick preparation such as write down a list of bullet points, turn on the camera and let the words flow out of your mouth.

Your audience will love the sincerity and reality of the moment.

10. Breaking News
Report live as breaking news or stories develop in your industry. This will help keep your audience in the loop.

Here are some important things to keep in mind before you go live

  • Plan out the points that you want to make
  • Position your camera on a tripod so you don’t get shaky footage
  • Test the lighting and sound before you go live
  • Announce your live stream in advance
  • Build in time to respond to questions and comments
  • Choose a title that entices people to attend and increases searchability
  • Thank people for attending
  • After the event let people know what they missed so they can tune in next time

Let me ask you a question
Do you have any other live stream ideas that you wish to share with others?
If so, post your ideas in the comments below
I’d love to read them.

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