My 10 Point Checklist To Create A Description Template For All Your YouTube Videos

Are you making full use of the description for
each video you upload to your YouTube channel?

A proper description will help your video get discovered in YouTube search. Videos that rank well will generate a continuous stream of views and subscribers.

Here is my 10 Point Checklist for creating a
YouTube Video Description Template

Watch the video below…

1. Describe your video content in the first few lines
YouTube only displays the first few lines of your description
so make sure it summarizes the content of your video.

2. Include the main keywords you wish to rank for
So if the topic of your video is about dog training make sure you include
“dog training” in the first few lines of your description

3. Add a call to action that includes the full URL of your landing page
If you tell viewers to click the link in the description make sure the full website address is placed either in the beginning or the end of the first few lines so it can be seen without having to scroll down the page.

4. Expand your description
YouTube gives you 5000 characters in the description so make full use of this space by adding a transcript of your video content or add a related article. Also make sure you include keywords related to your main keyword to improve your rankings in YouTube search. Often you can rank for multiple keywords for the same video.

5. Tell people to share your video
Say something like “Share this video with your friends” then include the video watch URL. Sometimes people copy and paste the content from your description to their blog. If they do this it will include your video URL that points back to your YouTube channel.

6. Include links to related videos
These may include videos or playlists related to your video content. Links pointing to other videos on your channel will improve their rankings in YouTube and Google.

7. Include a link to your blog post
If you’ve created a blog post about your video topic include this in the description. Make sure you also embed your video in the blog post. This can be a powerful backlink which will help boost your video rankings.

8. Provide an authority link
Viewers often want more information about your video topic so
include a link to an authority site like Wikipedia.

9. Add social media links
This is optional however it may help people who wish to connect with
you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+

10. Add title and tags to your video
Create a well-optimized title and keyword-rich tags to support your video description template so it will improve the chances of your video getting discovered and ranked on YouTube and Google.

If you implement this 10 point checklist for every Video Description
you’ll get more views and subscribers to your YouTube videos.

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