Articles – The Pros of Using Submission Software

In my previous article I discussed the Cons of Using Submission Software to distribute your articles however there are also some advantages as long as you do it correctly. Most marketers want to spend more time on the most important tasks of their business such as creating new content rather than manually submitting articles which is a boring and time consuming task.

The Top 7 Pros of Using Submission Software

1. Saves time and money

Time is money if you’re a solopreneur so if you can save time using submission software it will also save money so you can focus on building your business.

2. Organize articles in one location

Perhaps you’re the person who has all your articles scattered over your hard drive and can’t view them all at a glance. Software enables you to organize your articles into different folders, view all the titles, dates they were written, dates they were submitted and know their word count.

If you need to create multiple accounts for different clients set them up inside the software.

3. Write and submit content in one place

Instead of creating your content in Notepad or Word then saving it to your desktop, software enables you to write and submit your content in one location.

4. Submit to multiple directories

Only purchase software that allows you to manually create multiple directories. Automating this process doesn’t always work because directories are constantly changing their submission rules. Creating them manually ensures you comply with the rules and your submissions will succeed.

5. Only purchase software that’s kept updated

Search engines often change their ranking formulas. For example the Farmer Update affected some of the top article directories because the content offered little or no value. This caused directories to only accept well written content.

Submission software that is not kept updated will cause errors during the submission process therefore only purchase software that promises lifetime updates.

6. Inexpensive

There are companies that charge a monthly fee to submit your content using their online software. This soon adds up to a big expense each year. Instead buy software you can install on your own computer so you only have to pay a one time fee.

7. Easily rewrite articles

Search engines don’t want to show the exact same content in the search results because it only frustrates their users. To prevent this from happening only submit unique content. It carries more weight and receives higher rankings than duplicate content which may not rank at all.

Get submission software that easily enables you to rewrite your article so you create a another unique version of the same article.

And now I’d like to invite you to purchase Article Architect…submission software that enables you to write, submit and organize all your articles in one location so you can save time and money and generate traffic.

VIDEO – Top 7 Pros of Using Article Submission Software

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