Autoresponders: The 3 Stages of Following Up On Your Customers

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Have you ever forgotten something (e.g. where you put your keys) then thankfully was reminded by someone where you put them? These days we multi-task so many things that we often lose focus and forget about things that are most important.

Online marketing is affected in the same way. We read about a product we wish to purchase then decide to come back to it later but we never do because other activities captured our attention. Here’s where autoresponders save the day. They enable us to follow up on our customers and make the sale for us without lifting a finger.

The 3 stages of following up on your customers using autoresponders

1. Capture contact information

This first stage of the follow-up process is where you send traffic to a landing page (or squeeze page) that contains an opt-in form. Their contact information is automatically stored in the autoresponder software database. This enables you to send an email to your list anytime and/or send a series of follow-up messages.

2. Pre-sell your customers

The majority of people reading your sales page for the first time won’t buy your product. Unless you capture their name and email address you’ll never hear from them again. You’ll have lost an opportunity to build relationships with them and generate more sales.

After capturing your prospects information, send them a series of emails every 2 or 3 days containing great tips that talk about your product. This helps place them in a buying mood. Before writing these emails, place yourself in your customers shoes by thinking about the problems they may encounter with your product. Answering their questions will help remove the barriers to purchase.

The first email message in your autoresponder series should thank them for subscribing. The next few messages should provide great tips. The last message should introduce your product as you have already pre-sold it in previous emails.

3. Care about your customers

Don’t stop contacting your customers after they’ve bought your product. Instead, create a new autoresponder series that offers tips on how to use your product. The key to caring for your customers is to over-deliver. They will then trust your future product recommendations.

Before you’ve sent your last email, sign them up for another autoresponder series that pre-sells a related product. Creating multiple autoresponders enables you to sell multiple products on autopilot.

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