Aweber Review – 33 Points To Consider Before Choosing An Email List Provider

Do you want to generate sales on autopilot?
Are you currently building an email list?
Are you following up on the people on your list?

For many years I was told “the money is in the list” but never focused on it until I changed my thinking and placed an opt-in form on my website to get people to subscribe to my newsletter. Initially I chose a free autoresponder to manage my subscribers (since the first 1000 were free) but only found out later my emails were not getting delivered. I learned my lesson..”you get what you pay for.”
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Autoresponder Success – 5 Ways To Achieve Success With Autoresponders

Beginning business owners have been told they need an autoresponder to be successful so they start paying monthly fees for a professional service. The biggest problem is they were not told the most effective ways to use autoresponders to achieve success in their business.

5 ways to achieve autoresponder success

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3 Ways Autoresponders Help You Keep Potential Customers

If you’re trying to sell products on the Internet you need to convert potential customers into customers. It’s much easier to sell products to clients who have already bought from you rather than cold contacts. This is because they trusted you enough to open their wallets. Autoresponders help you keep potential customers because they automate the follow-up process.

How autoresponders convert potential customers into customers

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Autoresponders – 3 Ways Autoresponders Save Time

Sick and tired of doing boring tasks?
Want more time for creative activities?
Looking for an automated email marketing system?

Running an online business is not always enjoyable. There are some repetitive tasks that are just plain boring and would rather outsource or automate. If you can’t afford to outsource these tasks to a virtual employee your best bet is to get an automated marketing tool such as an autoresponder. Autoresponders enable you to automatically manage customers information in an online database, follow-up on them by sending newsletters and monitor your success.

3 ways autoresponders save time

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7 Tips For Creating Effective Autoresponder Messages

Autoresponders are a great low-tech tool for building relationships with your customers. The majority of potential customers who visit your sales page will leave and are never be seen again. An autoresponder enables you to capture contact information and automatically re-contact them by sending e-mail messages at pre-scheduled times. If these e-mail messages are not well written your e-mail campaign will be ineffective.

7 tips for creating effective autoresponder messages

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Autoresponders – 7 Steps for Creating a Passive Income on Autopilot

Passive income refers to income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. This gives you more time for activities you love to do such spending more time with family and friends. Autoresponders enable you to run your business on autopilot.

One of the most important marketing activities you should be doing in your business is e-mail marketing. This involves building an opt-in list and developing a long-term relationship with your prospects. When prospects know, like and trust you they are more likely to purchase your products. If you use autoresponders to help build your list and send follow-up messages to the customers on your list you’ll create a passive income on autopilot.

7 Steps for Creating a Passive Income on Autopilot With Autoresponders

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How to Make Money With Autoresponders

make money with autoresponders
The beauty of making money with autoresponders is that it can be done on autopilot. Autoresponder software automatically stores prospects information in a database. A series of email messages can then be sent automatically at pre-determined intervals.


Bill owns a sporting goods store and wants customers to keep coming back to his store and even tell their friends. He get’s a custom designed website for his business that includes an email capture form. He offers a free coupon for anyone that fills in the form. Once a customer submits the form the contact information is stored in the autoresponder software database. He creates a series of follow-up messages that include tips, updates, coupons and specials. These messages are loaded into his autoresponder to be sent out every 2 days. Customers are reminded about the store and tell their friends about the deals they can receive. This strategy results not only in increasing returning customers but obtaining many new ones as well.

Customers who purchase goods are offered to be added to the mailing list where they also receive the follow-up messages. This increases his sales. The autoresponder helps automate this part of his business leaving him free to do other things.

How online businesses can use autoresponders to make money.

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How to Integrate Autoresponders with Google AdWords

Google Adwords is a quick and easy method for testing the profit potential of a product, selling a product or building a list of subscribers. The problem is most marketers spend their money on clicks instead of sales. They don’t bother to follow-up on their prospects by capturing their contact information and sending them a series of follow-up messages. This results in leaving a lot of money on the table.

Autoresponders enable you to keep your message current in your prospects mind. Instead of never seeing them again, you build a long term relationship so they will come to know, like and trust you. People buy more products from referrals from friends rather than people they’ve never heard of.

How to Integrate Autoresponders with Google AdWords

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Autoresponders: The 3 Stages of Following Up On Your Customers

follow up email autoresponders

Have you ever forgotten something (e.g. where you put your keys) then thankfully was reminded by someone where you put them? These days we multi-task so many things that we often lose focus and forget about things that are most important.

Online marketing is affected in the same way. We read about a product we wish to purchase then decide to come back to it later but we never do because other activities captured our attention. Here’s where autoresponders save the day. They enable us to follow up on our customers and make the sale for us without lifting a finger.

The 3 stages of following up on your customers using autoresponders

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Autoresponder Mistakes and How to Correct Them

autoresponder mistakes
An autoresponder is a “must have ” tool for building an online business as it enables you to follow-up on your customers by sending them email messages spaced out over time. Customers who didn’t purchase your product immediately can be offered a series of tips that will warm them up to purchase from you later.

Top 7 autoresponder mistakes and how to correct them

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