How To Make Money On YouTube With Google Adsense

If you monetize the videos that you’ve uploaded to YouTube, Google will show ads on your videos. Every time someone views or clicks on an ad you get paid.
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Optimize Your Adsense Ads With One Click Optimizer

one click optimzer
Do you currently use Adsense Ads to generate a passive income online?

Would you like to generate more revenue from your AdSense Ads?

Would you like to know the best locations on your blog or website?

Most website owners don’t bother testing the best locations for AdSense. They simply take a guess by looking at what other sites are doing and are happy to earn a few dollars per day. Plugins and other Adsense tools make it very easy to add the AdSense code to your website or blog.

Google just launched One Click Optimizer. It shows the best locations and formats for your website to improve ad performance and revenue.

How One Click Optimizer Works

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Get Adsense Secrets 4.0 – Top 7 Benefits

AdSense Secrets

Do you currently run Google AdSense Ads (or want to) on any of your web sites?

I run the Ads on 2 sites (including this one) where they provide a nice bit of extra monthly income without having to do anything except pick up the check from the letter box.

Here the top benefits of Google AdSense

1. Make money

Google has a large database of advertisers that are looking for space to run their ads. This provides you with a steady stream of advertisers that can match any type of content you can think of.

2. Easy set-up

It only takes a few minutes to open an AdSense account, generate the code, then copy and paste it into your web page. Ideally your web site should already have a good number of visitors otherwise you won’t generate much revenue.

3. Place ads anywhere

Google provides several types of ads ie banner, skyscraper, links etc that can be placed at the top, bottom, side or even within your content.

4. Blend ads

You can match the ads with the colors of your web page. This makes it less obvious you are running ads on your web site.

5. Use same code for multiple web sites

If you have several web sites you can use the same code that Google generates for all of them. Their technology is able to distinguish what ads should be displayed based on the type of content your site has.

6. Hands free

“Set it and forget it”…once you insert the code on all your web pages you own’t ever have to touch the code again. It’s a great way to generate another passive income stream.

7. Select different products

AdSense for Search
Offer your users web search while earning revenue from ads relevant to their search terms.

Earn more by referring users to useful products and services. You select the ads you want to appear on your site

Video units
Add YouTube partners’ video content to your site, and earn extra revenue.

AdSense for Mobile Content
Unlock the revenue potential of your mobile site with targeted Google ads.

Google allows you to create different channels to improve your ad performance. For example you can create 2 channels, one for each of your 2 sites so you can track which one is getting the most clicks. You can also create separate channels for each type of ad.

Joel Comm has just released his new ebook “Adsense Secrets 4.0” for only $9.95. It’s been the #1 top-selling guide on Google Adsense for over 3 years now.

Heck I paid $97.00 for his original version a year ago, so this new version is a real bargain. Take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.

Just click the link below:

Adsense Secrets 4.0

Best Regards,
Herman Drost

P.S. If you are hestitant about purchasing this 200 page ebook, read my review of the last version that cost $97.00

AdSense Secrets Review

Increase AdSense Income Using High Priced Keywords

If you don’t include high priced keywords within your web page content you’ll miss an opportunity to increase your adsense income. It will remain much the same.

Every time you write an article for your web site, blog or CMS, do the necessary keyword research first.

You need to continually look for the high priced keywords related to the topic of your web site.

Here are the steps how to achieve this:

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Google AdSense Secrets – Review of Google AdSense Guide

Joel Comm has written an excellent 200 page AdSense Guide ebook titled

“What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense!”

The ebook is well laid out therefore it is easy reading and you can begin implemeting his strategies immediately. One great benefit is that you get access to his forum once you have purchased the book. Now you can get your site reviewed and receive suggestions from other site owners how to make more money with your ads.

You also receive his newsletter which keeps you informed of new Ad Sense developments and strategies that Joel has discovered and that you can put into affect right away.

Here are some of the suggestions that have helped improve my AdSense earnings:

*Placement of ad sense ads on the page
*Number of ad sense ads on the page
*Types of ad sense ads to display
*What colors to use
*How to set up channels to track your ads
*How to optimize your web pages for the search engines

If you have a site that is already getting a substantial amount of traffic but have not yet included Ad Sense Ads you are leaving money on the table.

I highly recommend getting a copy of

Google AdSense Secrets ebook

How To Generate AdSense Revenue From Your Blog

If you have a content site or blog that has lots of content then strategically placing Google AdSense Ads on it will make you money 24 hours a day. Now intially you may only produce a few cents a day because it takes time to build traffic, however if you are willing to put effort into it you can increase your adsense revenue substantially.

How to get started

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