How To Remove Malware (Antivirus Suite) From Your Computer

  • Has your computer been infected with a virus, trojan or malware?
  • Did it shut down or slow down your computer?
  • Were you able to easily remove it?
  • How do you remove malware?

Recently my computer got infected with malware so I want to share what happened and how I resolved the problem so you can quickly resolve it yourself (without costing anything but time) by referring to this article.

Here’s what happened…

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How to Convert Your Article to a Press Release

how to convert your article to a press release
Press releases are a highly effective method for building traffic to your product or service. It’s not used much by online marketers so you can use it to stand out from your competitors. The biggest problem in getting started is writing the press release however the steps below will show you how to convert the content you’ve already written into a press release for your business.

1. Release instructions

This is placed at the top of your document . Mention if it’s for “immediate release” or “for release on some future date.”

2. Create a newsworthy headline

Press release distribution sites are looking for stories that will capture the attention of their audience. Look at the articles written in newspapers. They often begin with a story to capture the attention of the reader.


Instead of your title saying “How to Convert Your Article to A Press Release” write “Mary shows you how to gain free publicity by converting your article to a press release”

3. Create a summary

Write 2 or 3 sentences that expand on your headline. It should summarize what your press release (article) is about.

4. Add your main content

This should consist of 400-500 words maximum explaining the significance of your topic and how it will help your audience. For example if you were to take the topic of this article you could describe how press releases help attract traffic, build your brand and get high rankings in the search engines.

If your article contains how to information that sounds boring spice it up a little to make it more newsworthy. Try to make your story relevant and create a sense of urgency. This will help it get accepted by the media.

5. Create an about section

This should summarize what your company is about. Include a call to action by introducing your product or service, where the business is located and web site address.

6. Include contact information

This is added to the end of your press release so media can contact you for any questions. Include the contact person, their position, name of the company, phone number and email address.

7. The ending

End your press release by adding ### centered at the bottom.

Google “free press release websites” to find locations online where you can submit your document.

If you’re introducing a new product, service or have redesigned your web site consider sending a press release to let people know about it. It’s a fast and easy way to generate immediate traffic.

Also read Top 7 benefits of a press release

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Comment Spam – Ways to Remove Blog Spam Comments

Word Press blogs have the ability for visitors to leave comments at the bottom of each post however this feature can easily be abused by spammers. Your blog may receive 1000s of spam comments that are annoying because they take time to remove and if left alone, accumulate and use up a substantial
amount of hosting space.

How to Mass Delete Word Press Comment Spam

If you want to quickly remove 1000s of spam comments read my article on
How to Mass Delete Word Press Comment Spam

How to control the volume of comment spam

1. Edit Word Press administration settings

Login to the admin panel-settings-discussion-uncheck the box…”allow people to post comments on the article”. Keep in mind this will still allow visitors to post comments on future articles.

“I have disabled comments, but comments continue to be posted”

If you have unchecked “Allow people to post comments on the article” on the Options > Discussion panel, then you have only disabled comments on future posts. To completely disable comments, you will have to edit each past post and uncheck Allow Comments from the Write Post SubPanel. lternatively, you could delete the wp-comments-post.php file, or run this MySQL query, from the
command line on a shell account, or using phpMyAdmin:

UPDATE wp_posts SET


2. Activate Akismet plugin

This plugin reduces and automatically removes comment spam. It’s already included with your Word Press blog. To activate it go to-plugins-akismet-activate. Under the akismet plugin you’ll read:

Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. You need a API key to use it. You can review the spam it catches under “Comments.”

To get the API key sign up for a free account at You’ll get emailed the details of your login information. Login to your free blog then go to profile to view your API key. Copy and paste the code into your own blog. You’ll get prompted for it when you activate the Akismet

3. How to completely remove all evidence of spam comments

You may ask “why would anyone would want to do this if they are running a blog…isn’t that what a blog is encourage interactivity?

Well, some of my clients don’t have the time or want to reply to comments.Other people want to use their blog as a static site and have all evidence of comments removed.

Here is the procedure to remove the comment code from your Word Press Blog

Go into your template folder and look for single.php
Remove the code:

<?php comments_template(); ?>

If you don’t have the file…single.php… look inside index.php or home.php and remove this code:

<?php comments_popup_link(__('Comments (0)'), __('Comments (1)'),
__('Comments (%)')); ?>

If you have other ways or plugins to remove comment spam leave add your comment to the bottom of this post.

Combating Comment Spam

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How to Mass Delete Comments From WordPress Using phpMyAdmin

Have you been inundated with spam comments
on your Word Press Blog?

Recently I helped a customer that had accumulated over 4000 spam comments on her blog. She tried removing them from the Word Press dash board however it only removes 20 comments at a time. This would take forever because there multiple pages of comments to delete.

Here are the steps to mass delete comments from
your Word Press database using phpMyAdmin:

1. Go to phpmyadmin in your cpanel

This is the management panel that comes with your hosting account if it uses the Apache environment. Once you’re logged in cpanel click on the mySQL databases icon then click on the phpmyadmin link at the bottom of the page.

2. Click your Word Press database link

This is located in the top left and will display all the data in tables.

3. Remove all comments

If you want to remove all comments check the wp_comments table then in the drop down box select empty then press go. Remember this will remove both approved and unapproved comments.

How to remove unapproved comments and keep the approved comments

1. Back up your database – this is to make sure you can restore all your files should you make a mistake. To do this click on your database, click export, make sure all your tables are selected, check SQL, click save file, click go. Follow the rest of the screen prompts to download the database to your computer. You can save it as a text or zipped file.

2. Click on the comments table. ( You can click browse to view all the approved and unapproved comments).

4. Click the mySQL tab. This will open up a query box. Delete the default query and type in:

DELETE FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_approved = 0

Click go
This will delete all the 4000 unapproved comments

5. Remove overhead. These are fragments still left in the database that must be removed. To delete them go to ” check all tables with overhead”, select “optimize table” from the drop down box.

Your database size will now be reduced because you’ve removed the 4000 unapproved comments.

If you check your blog you’ll notice all the comments have disappeared.

To prevent spam from accumulating install the activate the Akismet plugin. This is a spam filter which allows you to mass delete comments within the Word Press administration panel.

Here’s a video tutorial showing how to use phpmyadmin to remove WP Spam Comments:

Free Malware Removal – How to remove Antivirus 2009 a fake anti-malware application

Recently I found Antivirus 2009 (a fake anti-malware application) on my laptop computer. Thinking it was a program one of my kids downloaded I went to control panel – add/remove programs but it was not there. This made me suspicious so I Googled “Antivirus 2009” and discovered it was a new rogue anti-spyware program.

Once this malware enters your system, it floods your computer with popups and fake system notifications, supposedly to inform you of an infection. While your system may indeed be infected, Antivirus 2009 will inform the user of this regardless of whether it’s true or not. The point of this disinformation is to convince you that your computer is infected and need to purchase an antispyware program to dispose of the threat.

How to remove Antivirus 2009

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware can detect and remove this rogue application for free.

Download the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware to your desktop.

* Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program.
* At the end, be sure to check the following:

o Update Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
o Launch Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

* Then click Finish.
* If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version.
* Once the program has loaded, select Perform quick scan, then click Scan.
* When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results.
* Be sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.
* When completed, a log will open in Notepad. The rogue application should now be gone.


Don’t install an antivirus program before removing this fake anti-malware application.

I initially installed the McAfee antivirus program because it comes free with my Comcast High Speed Internet service. I then scanned my computer but it did not detect or remove Antivirus 2009. You need to first remove it before installing your new Antivirus software.

If you are not sure about downloading an application Google it first. You’ll quickly read if it’s fake or not.

How to Install and Configure Master Form v4 – Part 2

In Part 1 (points 1-8) I discussed How to Install Master Form v4

Part 2

How to Configure Master Form v4 and its Associated Files

9. Create a web form

The form can be placed on any domain you choose. Here’s an example of the html code in a quote form for Unit Coins

<.form method="POST" action="".>
<.input type="hidden" name="subject" value="QUOTE REQUEST for UNIT COINS".>
<.input type="hidden" name="requiredfields" value="realname,email".>
<.input type="hidden" name="emailfields" value="email".>
<.input type="hidden" name="emailtemplate" value="/unitcoinsemailtemplate/feedback_email.txt".>
<.input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="".>

Note: remove periods for the above code to work.


First line – this is the URL of where the master form located on your server (where it’s processed)

Second line – the subject of your form (what will appear in the subject line of the confirmation emails)

Third line – these are the fields that visitors are required to fill in. If not they will receive an error message and won’t be able to submit the form.

Fourth line – shows that the email fields are hidden. This prevents spammers from accessing your email.

Fifth line – this is the location of the email template you need to create for the form results to be sent to your email. Place this file on the same server as your Master Form Files.

Sixth line – this is location of your thankyou page, where you send visitors after they submit the form.

The other lines of your form will include the form fields and submit button. Make sure you do this correctly otherwise your form will not work.

10. Create an email template

To get the form results sent to your email inbox, Master Form V4 reads an email template file. Therefore you need to create this template, upload it to the same server that contains your Master Form files, then create a place holder in your form for it to work ie <.input type="hidden" name="emailtemplate" value="/unitcoinsemailtemplate/feedback_email.txt".> (remove periods before tags)

Once generated, the email is sent.

An email template file is a plain text file containing the entire email, including the email headers.Master Form V4 is told where to find the email template file by a hidden field in the form named emailtemplate. If you don’t want the form submission to generate an email, just omit the hidden field.

Using the email template, you can format the emails the way you want to receive them (or have them sent), with the data you want to see arranged in the way you want it. Make sure the fields are identical to the ones you have in your web form.

Here’s an example of the contents of an email template for a simple feedback form:

From: [[email]]
Subject: Someone used the simple feedback form!

This was submitted:

Name: [[name]]
Email: [[email]]

11. Create a thank you page

This is the page that is sent to your visitors after they have submitted the web form. It confirms they have filled it out correctly.
You can also use this page to send special offers or promotions ie a free ebook, report or download. Create a placeholder for it in your web form.

<.input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="".>
(remove periods before tags)

12. Create an error page (optional)

Master Form v4 can generate an error page when it encounters an error during form submission. A generic error page is displayed if you don’t specify a custom error page.

Place the line below in your error page template (this could be a simple html page)


Create a hidden field to tell Master Form V4 where to find it.


<.input type="hidden" name="errorpage" value="".> (remove periods before tags)

When your visitor incorrectly fills out the web form, he will automatically receive this custom error page. You can write anything you want on this page this inform your visitor what happened.

13. Upload all files to your server

Master Form files are uploaded to the domain where the form is processed ie <.form method="POST" action="".> (remove periods before tags)
This includes your email template ie unitcoinsemailtemplate/feedback_email.txt

The web form, thankyou and error pages are uploaded to the domain where you want the form located.

14. Test your web form

Fill out all the fields of your web form and submit it. You should immediately receive the thankyou page (or error page if you made a mistake) and receive the form results in your email inbox.


Master Form v4 is the most secure form I’ve found on the Net. It will also allow you to create database files for your records and create multi page forms. Purchase your copy of Master Form v4 NOW and say goodbye to form mail spam.

How to Install and Configure Master Form v4 – Part 1

Master Form v4 is the best form on the Net to use for security because it has anti-hijacking code built-in plus auto-submission protection against spammers. It also allows you to:

Block IP addresses by people that misuse your form
Ban words and phrases that are inappropriate or are commonly used to spam forms.
Define the maximum data size to limit the amount of information submitted.

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How to Stop Form Mail Spam

Do you get a lot of spam from the subscription or contact forms on your web site? This is becoming a serious problem for a lot of site owners but I have found a way to stop it completely.

Example of form mail spam

A client of mine has an e-commerce site that takes orders through a contact form. He began receiving multiple orders per day. At first he was excited because he thought he was getting lots of orders. Then he discovered they were all false emails. Obviously

  • they were automatically generated by someone using software that searches for forms on the Net and submits them automatically.
  • How do spammers spam forms

    The spammer’s email is sent from your server to thousands of email addresses.
    With automation, the spammer can submit your form many times over.

    This causes a lot of frustration and anger from site owners using forms.

    Commonly used scripts that don’t stop form mail spam

    Jack’s Form Mail

    I’ve used this script extensively for many sites and had no problems because you don’t have to insert your email address in the form’s code. Instead you place it in the script hidden from spammers. Unfortunately it does not stop auto submissions. Anyone can still write a false email address in the email field and submit the form.

    NMS form mail

    This script i

  • s more secure than Jack’s form mail. It also allows you to hide your email address in the script and not place it in the form of your web site. It also did not stop form mail spam because anyone can submit it with a false email address.

    SolutionMaster Form v4


    • Anti-hijacking code built in.
    • Notifies you of hijacking attempts.
    • Allows you to create multiple forms for any number of web sites.
    • Ready made templates that can easily be placed on your site
    • Easy to customize to suit your needs i.e. create as many fields as needed
    • Block IP Addresses that are sending spam
    • Block auto submissions – stops robots from automatically submitting forms with false emails


    Master Form Overview
    How-to Articles on Master Form

    Stop form mail spam now and get a copy of Master Form v4

    How to Stop Email Spam with SpamAssassin

    Recently a friend called to say she had received 6000 emails in 6 hours and most of it was spam. She was getting very frustrated because of the time wasted deleting the spam.

    Have you ever experienced the same frustration?

    Of course…me too!

    Well, here is one highly effective method how to stop spam email using SpamAssassin

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