How to Stop Form Mail Spam

Do you get a lot of spam from the subscription or contact forms on your web site? This is becoming a serious problem for a lot of site owners but I have found a way to stop it completely.

Example of form mail spam

A client of mine has an e-commerce site that takes orders through a contact form. He began receiving multiple orders per day. At first he was excited because he thought he was getting lots of orders. Then he discovered they were all false emails. Obviously

  • they were automatically generated by someone using software that searches for forms on the Net and submits them automatically.
  • How do spammers spam forms

    The spammer’s email is sent from your server to thousands of email addresses.
    With automation, the spammer can submit your form many times over.

    This causes a lot of frustration and anger from site owners using forms.

    Commonly used scripts that don’t stop form mail spam

    Jack’s Form Mail

    I’ve used this script extensively for many sites and had no problems because you don’t have to insert your email address in the form’s code. Instead you place it in the script hidden from spammers. Unfortunately it does not stop auto submissions. Anyone can still write a false email address in the email field and submit the form.

    NMS form mail

    This script i

  • s more secure than Jack’s form mail. It also allows you to hide your email address in the script and not place it in the form of your web site. It also did not stop form mail spam because anyone can submit it with a false email address.

    SolutionMaster Form v4


    • Anti-hijacking code built in.
    • Notifies you of hijacking attempts.
    • Allows you to create multiple forms for any number of web sites.
    • Ready made templates that can easily be placed on your site
    • Easy to customize to suit your needs i.e. create as many fields as needed
    • Block IP Addresses that are sending spam
    • Block auto submissions – stops robots from automatically submitting forms with false emails


    Master Form Overview
    How-to Articles on Master Form

    Stop form mail spam now and get a copy of Master Form v4


    1. You can also add captchas into your FormMail implementations as a further guard against spam.

      An example implementation for nms FormMail can be found at

    2. Google akismet plugin


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